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Hello, Wacky Writers!

Happy weekend!! I’m working through two sister books in my growing set of stories in my corner of the writing universe, and was wondering if anyone wants to trade reads.

You can choose either of the below two novels to swap:

  1. Black Ties & White Lies - a complete, mature Romance novel which includes some Latin American cast/Spanish language cultural undertones (added bonus: it just won the 2021 Prime Awards Romance Genre) - Black Ties & White Lies - homespunhippogryph - Wattpad

  2. Mom Genes - an ongoing, mature General/Contemporary fiction novel with a German cultural undertone - Mom Genes - homespunhippogryph - Wattpad

If you’re interested, I will trade up to seven chapters with you! But I am holding this to a three-chapter minimum (depending on chapter lengths, of course)!

Prologues are freebies (BTWL has one, but it is quite short and won’t be considered an equal trade for a chapter. However, I’ll read your Prologue as a freebie, if you have one)!

Just fill out the form and let me know the following:

Number of Chapters to Trade:
Which of My Novels Will You Read:

Once I accept, I’ll return the reads in the order that I receive feedback on my works. If your story is really gripping, I’ll give you a follow and see about maybe a longer-term R4R.

I work during the week, so I’ll be most active on the weekends, but feel free to ping me if you have any questions about the reads!

Thanks for the opportunity - I look forward to reading with you!

Hey there,

Your thread looks like it’s better suited to #writing-support:read-for-reads-beta-readers, so we’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you.

– ash :wackywriters:

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