R4R (Upto 5 chapters)

I would love to do a read for read for my asian fantasy novel. Here are the details

Title- Bloodsakura
Genre- Fantasy/ paranormal
No mature content
Link -

My chapters are short, around 1k words each. I am open for any genre except fanfic and romance.

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I’m interested, although my chapters are a lot longer than yours.

sure, that’s not a problem

Here’s a link to my story, and I’ll get started on yours right away: You Must Remember This - Franklin Barnes - Wattpad

Hey! I’m up for a r4r if you’re interested in mine:

Title: On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
No mature content

Link: On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales - Coco - Wattpad

If you do accept, is there any specific kind of comments you want?

hey! I’d like to do an exchange. My chapters are about 2k words each, so I’ll read four of your chapters if you read two of mine?

Title: King Eden
Genre: sci-fi
mature for violence and language
Link: King Eden: Volume I - Rowan Carver - Wattpad

nah, nothing specific
I’ll add your work to my list

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Alright! I’ll get started once I finish breakfast



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If you’re up for a Mature Contemporary Fiction piece, I’ll trade my newest work with you!

Title: Mom Genes
Genre: Contemporary/General Fiction
Mature: Yes - Strong Language
Link: Mom Genes - homespunhippogryph - Wattpad

If your chapters are 1k, I’d be happy to trade 5 of yours for 3 of Mom Genes. Let me know what you think!

sorry for the late reply. Yes I’m in. I’ll dm you

I’ve only got one part so far with this book Never: Hall C Letters. It has around 2k words so I’ll do two chapters of yours sometime tomorrow, or perhaps Monday if I don’t have time.

sure thank you