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Hi guys!:v:t2:

I want to improve my design skills so I would appreciate if you guys could help me by giving me fake design requests. These covers will probably just stay with me, or could possibly even become premades if I manage to make them decent enough. I haven’t been designing that much since last year and want to at least make something before the year ends.

Just fill out the form below if you want to help.

Subtitle (optional):
Short book description: (7 sentences tops, please.)
Color scheme:
Ideas: (Go wild here. Be as detailed as possible, offer different options if you want as well.)
Inspiration (optional): (Anything I could use to get inspiration for the design? Any design style you liked, or any picture, colors, fonts, etc.?)
Anything else? (optional)

(If you’re going to insert pictures please put them under ‘hide details’ so it’s easier to scroll through the thread. Thank you.)



Title: Night’s Son and Sun’s Daughter

Subtitle (optional): When the light and darkness collide…

Short book description: The countries of Fae and Nox could be described as opposites of each other—Fae was a warm and welcoming land teeming with magical beings, while the mysterious creatures of the night dwelled in Nox. It was not a suprise when the inhabitants of both nations became hostile towards one another. What was surprising, though, was that the Viscountess of Fae and Viscount of Nox became smitten with each other when they first crossed paths. With a potential war between their lands looming in the future, can their love overcome the bad blood between their peoples?

Mood: Romance, suspense, uncertainty

Color scheme: Dark, silver, gold, white, red.


Idea 1

A fancy fantasy typographic cover. Metallic and 3D fonts. “Night’s Son” can be written in a silver font while “Sun’s Daughter” can be written in gold. You can put a single castle in the middle, or two different castles facing each other. If you want, you can put a silhouette of a girl with long hair and a boy with short hair.

Idea 2

The cover is split into two. There are two castles. One is light colored and sparkly, while the other is dark and gothic. You can either put them at the sides so they’re facing each other, or have one upside down and the other right side up. At least one of them has to be shrouded in mist (or maybe not shrouded in mist, but anyway, I’d like to see mist on the cover). The background can also be split, so a light background for the light castle and a dark background for the dark castle. If you’re putting the castles at the side, you can put the title between them so it’s like it’s in a valley.

Idea 3

The main characters will be on the cover. The girl is fair-skinned, blonde, and has long hair. She’s wearing a white dress. For her eye color you can choose between grey and blue. The boy has short black hair, small black eyes, and is pale. He’s wearing a nobleman’s outfit (sorry idk what to call it, but you know those outfits that noble European men wear, especially a few centuries back?) The two of them can be standing back-to-back. Or you can split them so that the girl’s background is bright and sunny while the boy’s background is dark and has a moon in the sky. A forest must be in the background.

Inspiration (optional):

here ya go :)

Here is a pic of what the light castle can look like

And this is what the dark castle can look like:

Here’s the cover inspo for idea 3:

And outfit inspo for idea 3

Anything else? I noticed you didn’t put an author name in the form, so if you want the fake author can be C. K. Kline


Your ideas sound interesting. I’ll probably give this a try, it sounds like a good experiment. Thank you!!!

And yeah, I didn’t add the author’s name as part of the form since I’ll probably just put something generic there. But thank you for mentioning that.


is this still open? :eyes:

Yeah, it is. @Manya707

Any requests would be appreciated. I finally have some spare time in my hands and want to design something if I can.

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Title: Maria’s Time
Subtitle (optional): Don’t let her tick away.

Short book description: (7 sentences tops, please.)
After a serious car accident Maria fell into a coma. Her best friend Patrick, who was coming that day to pick her up was about to confess to her. Knowing she might not survive he took to doing his best to encourage her through writing a letter to her every day after his visits to the hospital.

Mood: Hopeful & Romantic
Color scheme: white & pink/red
Ideas: (Go wild here. Be as detailed as possible, offer different options if you want as well.)

  • a letter with a rose on it
  • title in a cursive font

OR a romantic couple together

Inspiration (optional): (Anything I could use to get inspiration for the design? Any design style you liked, or any picture, colors, fonts, etc.?)


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Anything else? (optional): Nope :slight_smile: