Random facts you know

Some cats can be allergic to humans

Stop signs used to be yellow

New York was called New Orange for a while (it’s kinda funny considering people also call it The Big Apple )

Dolphins have names for each other

Toto the dog from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was originally going to be a cow called Imogen

Piplantri is a small village in India that plants a tree for every girl born.

What are some random facts you know?


Humans can actually float, gravity just pulls us down:)


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rabbits really really love bananas and go bananas for bananas




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Also the yellow light means stop

Dorothy was supposed to end up with Hunk (the same actor who plays Scarecrow). This explains why Dorothy famously says she will miss Scarecrow most of all.

Marilyn Monroe’s real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson.

Until 1896, vehicles were required by law to have a person with a red flag walking at least 60 yards ahead of them.

The first sound recording was made in the 1850s


The wood frog can hold its pee for up to eight months .

The “M’s” in M&Ms stand for “Mars” and “Murrie.”

The human body literally glows. You just can’t see it with your naked eye.

Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. (That guy must have had a really bad business lol)

Superman didn’t always fly.

Marie Curie is the only person to earn a Nobel prize in two different sciences.


The original lion costume is made out of real lion fur.


Humans take 4-5 minutes to die of strangulation.

Necrophilia is a sexual attraction to corpses.

Tigers like water and swimming.

If you had the average commoner’s wage from Ancient Egypt until now, you would have half of what the richest person in the world has monetarily.

Old executions are very gruesome and gruesome and amusing … ask me about that if you’re interested :wink:

Jesus was modelled after the sculptors’ gay lovers as revenge on the church and pope.

Coco Chanel and I share a birthday~

Caligula means little boot in latin … recognize that name?

Light has no acceleration.

Hanging can take up to an hour to kill you.


NASA is going to the moon in 2024 to extract water and other things so they can plan to use it at some point to help them get to Mars.

Tomatoes and zucchini’s are actually a fruit.

In the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Jack Sparrow holds a jar of dirt and he prances around, saying, “I’ve got a jar of dirt,” is improvised. The reactions from Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly are their real confused expressions as the line was not in the script at all.

In Titanic, the famous line that Leonardo DiCaprio says while he and Kate are at the tip of the ship and he goes, “I’m king of the world!” was also improvised.

The creators of the Avenger’s series had to make multiple scripts for some of the cast members because some of their actors like Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland were big mouths and spoiled the movies during interviews. So they gave them fake scripts that changed and made them act a scene in many different ways so neither actor knew what was going on in the real scene.

There is evidence that the concept of aliens (people from other corners of the universe) have been here before as many famous artworks from artists thousands of years ago had painted or created spaceships and people in space suits.


Many theorists believe that if aliens had visited us before during those times, which would make sense as to why they’re depicted in art, that people thought they were gods and created a religion around them.

There is something called the Pixar Theory which states that every Pixar movie takes place in the same universe, but different times.

Back in Ancient Greece, especially in Athens, it was normal for 40 year old men to be married to 12 year old girls. And while this isn’t necessarily happening in today’s world, there are quite a few countries where it is normal or at least common for children to marry. In Sudan, girls can marry at ten years old and boys at fifteen or when they reach puberty. In Tanzania, Muslim and Hindu girls can marry at twelve as long as they don’t have sex before they’re fifteen (in other words, consummating the marriage).

Most people that worked on Star Wars, Star Trek, and with Walt Disney thought it was all going to fail. People thought George Lucas was out of his mind; the actors on Star Trek didn’t even want to watch it because of how stupid they thought it was (the guy that played McCoy had said he wouldn’t pay anyone to see it because they had fake rocks on set); and everyone thought that the Disney company, mostly regarding Snow White, was going to bomb at the box office because it was the first movie of its kind. Not to mention, Disney went broke just trying to create it. But eventually, all of these became huge hits and all those people were proved wrong.

The difference between a million seconds and a billion seconds is thirty years. At the time I’m writing this (12:50am on November 15th (or technically the 16th)) a million seconds ago was at 11am on November 4th whilst a billion seconds ago was at 11:04pm on March 9th, 1989.

More than 80% of the ocean has been unexplored.

There are multiple countries that are being swallowed up by the ocean. One of which is called Tuvalu, off the coast of New Zealand and Australia. It’s not only a dying country, as it’s predicted it’ll be underneath water within the next ten or so years, but it’s also a very poor country as not much tourism is brought to the island.

There seems to be an eighth continent, but the majority of the land is submerged under water. It’s called Zealandia, because it’s connected to New Zealand.

A supercontinent will probably form around within 200-250 million years.

Jurassic Park was wrong on many things. For one, most of the dinosaurs from the film are from the Cretaceous period, but it’s called Jurassic Park because “Cretaceous Park” sounded silly. Secondly, velociraptors were much smaller. Dr. Grant is right, they were like giant birds—bigger than a normal sized bird, but smaller than a human. And finally, dinosaurs weren’t reptiles. They had feathers.

And for my final random fact (because I’m going crazy with this since I’m procrastinating and I have to get back to work), because there was no oxygen on earth millions of years ago while the earth was still forming and being created, everything that had lived here, animals and bugs I mean, were much larger. Insect wingspans were 30 inches across (70 centimeters).


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He knew exactly what he was doing with that creation. I believe the electric chair was also invented by a dentist.

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The first circle when looking closely looks a little like the illuminatie triangle
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My native country is one of them. It has another 20 or 30 years to go I believe.

There’s this children’s show called deadly dinosaurs hosted by Steve backchall which explains this pretty well.


A humans head weighs about three pounds (1.36078 kg)

The war of 1812 was in 1812:)


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The Simpsons were made yellow becuase series creator Matt Groening thought it would make them stand out more while you’re flipping through channels


Light bulbs are around 3000 degrees (Celcius) in temperature.

Matter has wavelike characteristics but we can’t see it because the wavelengths are usually too small to notice.

Light has momentum.




Just interesting stuff I learned from physics class…heh.