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Hi, everyone!

I’ve never posted on a forum about my writing before, but I’m taking the leap because I’m really eager for feedback and to meet fellow readers and writers!

I’d love to do a read for read on my adult romance book, Need to Know. Here is the link: Need to Know - Regan - Wattpad

Need to Know is primarily a romance but has humor aspects as well as topics of Asian identity (specifically, East Asian aka Korean identity) in America and intergenerational trauma. It also deals with themes like loneliness, mental health (e.g. anxiety), women leaders (and the double standards they face in the workforce), and social media, specifically its negative impact. It is 18+ due to the above topics and themes, strong language, and some steam throughout the novel (it is not erotica).

I’m looking for:

  • Romance readers and writers (sorry, only doing read for read for Romance at this time!)
  • Anyone 18 or older as the story is Mature (preferably 21+ since I’d love to meet fellow writers around my age!)
  • Anyone who loves the reverse grumpy sunshine trope (e.g. guy is the golden retriever and girl is the grump)
  • Anyone who has been wishing for more POC leads in Romance
  • Anyone who has been wishing for more Asian leads, specifically, where both leads are Asian, in Romance
  • Anyone who loves slow-burn romance
  • Anyone who loves dating shows (MC goes on a dating show - think Love is Blind, Singles’ Inferno, etc.)
  • Anyone who loves fun and romantic Kdramas (especially the banter!)
  • Anyone who is willing to be a cheerleader in our respective writing endeavors
  • Finally, Anyone who is committed to reading through the entire story (as I am committed to reading the entirety of yours)

If any of the above sounds like something up your alley, please let me know!

As for me, literally anything listed above is perfect.

On the off chance that there are a lot of comments, I’ll probably take 5 or so read for reads for now and then add more later on.

Chapters (can be ongoing or completed):

Thank you so much in advance! Can’t wait to read your stories ~

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Title Tainted Hearts
Chapters Ongoing

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