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Hey everyone.

Usually I don’t do read for reads, as my interest in what types of books I read are pretty limited.

I usually read mysteries and psychological thrillers. However, I’m not completely opposed to things with paranormal, especially with fallen angels or ghosts.

This is not just for me though. I want this to be a place for people to share their works and find like-minded individuals who hopefully can provide feedback.

My story is a mystery, with paranormal and romantic subplots. It’s called The Vanishing Girls Of Willow Creek. It’s the first of a series (completed), and I’m currently working on the second book. About 70-75% done. I could really use some feedback and I haven’t been able to find many stories in the mystery category that have really appealed to me. Plus, I’m not a very social person. In fact, I can be a bit awkward.

Anyway, if you’re interested, please comment below with information and we’ll see what happens.

My story: The Vanishing Girls Of Willow Creek (Willow Creek, #1) - Aneesa Badu♍ - Wattpad

Hey there,

Your thread looks like it’s better suited to #all-writing:read-for-reads-beta-readers, so I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you.

Mari :coolpineapple:

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