Read for Read: open

Hi everyone!

I’d like to do a read for read as it seems like a fun way to discover other stories. I’m open to every genre! Here’s the form:

# of chapters you want to do?

Information about my story:

Title: Counterfeit
Link: Counterfeit
Genre: ScieneFiction
Chapters: 17

I take 5 reading requests per batch to keep an overview. I’ll let you know when I accept you!


Title Mika
Link Mika - Taehyung 😍❤️ - Wattpad
Genre Mafia/Dark romance
Number of chapters 5

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Title: On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales
Link: On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales - Coco - Wattpad
Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Chapters: Let’s start with 5, then let me know if you’d like to continue!

Accepted! I’m sorry for the late response. Got COVID-19 and it hit me quite hard.

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Thank you! I’ll be catching up now that I’m out from classes.

Title: King Eden
Link: King Eden - Rowan Carver - Wattpad
Genre: science fiction
# of chapters you want to do? 4


thanks! I’ll read your story soon, probably over the next week

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Sounds great. I’m done with yours

This one is open :blush:

Thank you so much for your comments! Excuse my delay but I will be reading for sure this week, I’ve had a busy weekend