Read for Read(up to 5 chapters at the moment)(Open)

Before we start: Please read everything! I know it’s a long post but I won’t accept your form if you just drop a link here. Communication is important :wink:

Hello, everyone! I’m Wocalich, formerly known as GokceofCandG(I don’t know how to change my username here so it’s currently GokceofCandG here :sweat_smile:)


I’m rewriting a story of mine called Psetha, hopefully for the last time!, and am looking for feedback on the pacing. Any feedback would be wonderful, you can even read like a casual reader. I love those comments as well. In return, I will do the kind of reading you do. Also, my chapters are around 1k in length so if your chapters are much longer or shorter than that, we might need to arrange the number of chapters each reads.

Here is the form I’d like you to fill out:

How many chapters you want me to read:
How long are your chapters:

Here, I filled out the form as well so you can decide if you want in before we start:

Title: Psetha(Rewritten)
Genre/s: Fantasy
Blurb: He emerged from an egg, that boy. Where will his journey take him?
Link: Psetha - Gokce - Wattpad
How many chapters: 5(if possible)
How long are the chapters: around 1k each


  1. @deep -waiting for payment(each will read five chapters)

PS. If you’d like to be long-term read for read partners with me, let me know with a message here or on Wattpad. :hugging:




Yeah i think i could do this!

NOTES: Shariq uses he/they pronouns and there is strong language throughout the story.
If this is too complicated or not your cup of tea, we can totally exchange sm else. THat’s just the longest WIP i have atm.

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Hey! I’d like to do an exchange. My chapters are about 2k words long, so I can read five of your chapters if you read two or three of mine?

Title: King Eden
Genre/s: sci-fi
Blurb: Years have passed. Earth is home to clandestine groups of survivors and fearsome beasts. Factions battle one another over contaminated resources, governed by violent warlords who rule with cruelty and greed.

But they all bow to the wealthy from the ancient days, immortals who strive to reclaim a planet they lost long ago. These powers commit genocide to escape a fallen paradise while the ones they destroy infect themselves with disease, gaining strange abilities just to stay alive at the cost of their sanity

King Eden is no different from the other corrupted warlords. Feared by allies and enemies alike, she rules her kingdom from afar, fighting hostile wastelands just to save a people who thank her with disrespect. When the wealthy plan an attempt on her life she loses the one thing most important to her, the heir to her throne. her kingdom is in anarchy and her son is imprisoned on a planet that she can’t reach. But these odds matter little to her. She abandons her homeland to challenge old gods and metal titans, all for the sake of power and in the name of revenge.

Link: King Eden: Volume I - Rowan Carver - Wattpad
How many chapters you want me to read: 2
How long are your chapters: about 2k words

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Title: Twisted Revelations
Genre/s: Chick lit/romance/drama
Blurb: For Autumn Stewart, life had been easy: her mum was wealthy, she had a loving boyfriend, and she was on track to getting a place at university.

That was until her mother comes home and tells her she’s gotten married in secret. What shocks her even more is a drunken secret her mum lets slip one night and makes her promise to keep to herself.
Little does Autumn know that her mother’s secret will drag more than just drama to her door: it brings her ex-boyfriend, Damien, along with it.

Autumn’s life begins a downward descent into drama and chaos, and she doesn’t know how to stop it or where to turn. She only knows one thing for certain: her life could not get any harder after her mother’s revelation.
Link: here
How many chapters you want me to read: 3 to start with if thats good with you? then we can carry on if we like it?
How long are your chapters: 2-2.6k each. Though the prologue is 800 words so :woman_shrugging: lol

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Sure, accepted! Please read four chapters and let me know when you’re done so I can get started on yours.

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Accepted! Please read 5 chapters and let me know when you’re done so I can get started on yours. :blush:
P.S. I will read three chapters, why not :grin:

Sure, three to start with sounds good! Please let me know when you’re done reading so I can get started on yours. :blush:

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Done! <3

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Okay! I’ll read yours now. :grin:

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OKay, I’m all finished!

I love your fairytale language and descriptions, they are sooooo good!

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Thank you! I’m so happy you liked it. :blush: I will change your status to payment completed and I should get to reading your story tonight.

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I finished reading as well! Let me know if you want to keep going.

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Title First love kisses and love letters
Genre Romance
Blurb Charming, quiet, intimidating, interesting, smart; Declan Novak was the perfect student at Yvon High School. It was as if he had the ‘golden touch’. Literally. Every ground he walked on was like rolling out the red carpet for him. He had his whole life planned out; graduate as valedictorian, attend a prestigious college, and then take over his father’s multimillion-dollar company–

All until Lana Hart came into the picture, love letter in hand with admiration in her eyes.

Lana, little Miss Sunshine, spent most of high school crushing hard on Declan, the rude yet amazingly attractive Greek God of the school. She rarely spent time on her studies, but now that it’s senior year, Lana is frantically running out of time to improve her grades for nursing school. That, and getting Declan to notice her.

Will the optimistic Lana be able to win over crush’s heart?

Or will Declan ignore her like he does with every other girl?
Link First love, kisses and love letters - Taehyung 😍❤️ - Wattpad
how many chapters 5
Chapter length Around 2K

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If your reading agenda isn’t too full already, I’d be interested for the full five chapters (or more if you post more later):

Title: You Must Remember This
Genre: Literary fiction
This roaring homage to Catch-22 transplants dysfunctional bureaucracy to a Silicon Valley high school (aptly named Heller High School) plagued by incompetent students and even more incompetent teachers. One exploiter of the system is Franklin Barnes, who after growing tired of his peers’ seeming disinterest in anything but the triviality of high school, writes a satirical manifesto lampooning all they stand for in the name of “becoming a good person.” Ironically, his absurd maxims are lapped up by his peers, who see Frank’s teachings as a fast track to success.

After an admired teacher suggests Frank look into the Third Wave, Frank makes the misguided decision of seeing exactly how far he can take his new social experiment, his initial desire to help Heller see the light outweighed by his morbid curiosity. As Frank works on consolidating his own power, he deals with managing the angsty crises of his peers who through some miracle see Frank as a mentor, and the growing romantic attention of one of his devotees.

Link: You Must Remember This - Franklin Barnes - Wattpad
How many chapters?: 5
How long are your chapters: ~4500 on average

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The blurb sounds really cute! Since your chapters are twice as long as mine, I can read three chapters to make it fair in return for you reading five chapters. If you’re okay with that, I’ll add you to the queue.

I can add you to the list! However, is each chapter around 4500? That makes one as long as all five chapters of mine! (The total is exactly 4495 words long)
I can read one chapter in return for five chapters if that’s the case. Please let me know if I understood correctly and if you’re fine with the arrangement.

I can’t comment on the file as I like because of how many comments there are.(Or maybe because of how inexperienced I am with google docs :sweat_smile:) Is it alright if I write my comments somewhere else? You could copy-paste the work into a new google doc or I could send my comments here or in a PM?

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It’s okay! You should be able to rehighlight a piece, and do it in whatever color you want, don’t worry if comments pop up on the side. BUt if it;d be easier I can put it in another doc?

You do have to choose a highlight color after you’ve selected whatever text you want to remark on for it to promp a comment box.

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I figured it out, started commenting just now. Thanks for the offer!

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can it be 4 chapters because my first chapter is 1000K words it’s just the rest that are longer?

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