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Hey. I’ve never really done read for reads because of my very specific taste in what I read.

However, I am looking for feedback on my new mystery book, as I’m sure many of us are.

My preferred genres are; Mystery, paranormal, certain fanfictions, historical fiction (mainly Tudor England).

I’m not big on fantasy or sci fi, which I know has a huge market nowadays.

But, if you’re interested, please comment below. Also, I don’t just want this to be about the books. I look at this as a way to meet new people who share similar interests.

In my day to day life, I don’t have many people who share my interests. It should also be noted that my doctor is looking into the possibility of me having autism, so I have always felt different, almost older than I am for most of my life, having narrow specific topics of interest, etc. I’m not always great at keeping conversation, even virtually, but it’s a work in progress.

I’d really appreciate it if I could use this as an opportunity to get feedback and meet new people.


I’d be willing to read your story, I write sci fi so you wouldn’t want to read my story. But if you give me the link I can check out a few chapters for you

Wow. Thank you so much.

Hi! I’m into mystery and paranormal, too :slight_smile: Would love to do a R4R with you. Since I’m coming to the end of a long-term book club participation, I’ve been searching for some books to do a long-term exchange with.

I have a dark paranormal mystery story set in 1855 USA-esque place (but not historical fiction. I would say alternative history). If you do an R4R with me, you can expect a lot of comments and possibly a bunch of suggestions on places that I think might need some improvements. We can chat in messages about our stories or anything else if you feel like. No pressure in responding right away :blush:

As a side note, I watch Bailey Sarian on YouTube a lot. So, I think we share similar interests :wink: True crime? Unsolved or solved? Psychology? My favorite :grin:

Oh, here’s my book. Let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in :slight_smile: If yes, maybe we can do a trial of the first three chapters to see if we match as readers and writers? How does that sound?

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Sorry I’m so late seeing this. I’ve been looking for some good mystery and/or paranormal stories. I’d love to check it out?

I love true crime, unsolved or solved. I even have a book in the works on my page of unsolved crimes. I love psychology as well. Eleanor Neale is one of my favourite true crime YouTubers.

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Great :grin: I’ll check yours’ today or tomorrow. Then if our commenting styles seem to match or if we both want to continue on, maybe we can talk about what kind of feedback we’re both looking for?

I’ve been to your profile to add the book and look at your other works. Most of it seems very fantasy based, which I have tried to get myself to like, but it’s never written in a way I can find myself enjoying or anything. I like things about Greek mythology, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to read novels with that as part of the plot. I did read a series with this as a plot; some of it I liked, but I also had to force myself through some of it, which I don’t like. If you count fallen angels as fantasy, then I like things like that, but again, that doesn’t mean I’d like it every time.

All I can truly bring myself to read are mysteries, psychological thrillers and the occasional paranormal (sometimes w/romance).

I enjoy these types of things. True crime, Psychology, paranormal (ghosts), etc. But unfortunately with my limited and highly selective interests, I have a hard time reading books that are not straightforward within my genre interests.

For example, some of my favourite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, V.C Andrews, Chevy Stevens and Joy Fielding. All mystery or macabre.

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Fantasy isn’t for everyone :stuck_out_tongue: And there’s no rule that you have to like every single genre of writing that ever existed :wink:

I do kind of specialize in fantasy although one of my books “Paws Chase Murder Case” is a murder mystery with fantasy creatures. A tad of magick, but very little because I do like the mystery, just not always with humans XD

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