Read for Read

Hi everyone!

I’d like to do a read for read as it seems like a fun way to discover other stories. I’m open to every genre! Here’s the form:

# of chapters you want to do?

Information about my story:

Title: Counterfeit
Link: Counterfeit
Genre: ScieneFiction
Chapters: 54 (completed)

I take 5 reading requests per batch to keep an overview. I’ll let you know when I accept you!

Waiting list

  1. NatilladeCoco
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I’d be interested!
Title: You Must Remember This
Link: You Must Remember This - Franklin Barnes - Wattpad
Genre: Literary Fiction
Number of chapters: However many you want to do

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Accepted! I’ll start with 3 chapters

Yeah, why not? I’m in!

Title:- The Endurlon.
Link:-The Endurlon - SecretDurham - Wattpad
Genre:- Fantasy.
Chapters so far:- 7.
Number of Chapters:- As many as you wish, and I’ll do likewise.


I’ll get started now.

Accepted! I’ll start with 3

Thank you! I’ll read yours today

I’ll get to your project tonight or tomorrow, and do a chapter a day… 3 Chapters it is then, and thank you kindly in advance.


Done with yours!

Shall we continue onward then? I can keep doing blocks of three chapters until we run out.

I’d be down for this.

Title: What Comes After
Link: What Comes After | ✔️ - KingEmpo - Wattpad
Genre: Science Fiction
# of chapters you want to do? As many as you want.

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I’m sorry, but I’ll pass. Your story isn’t my cup of tea

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Accepted! We’ll start with 3 :relaxed:

Just finished yours!



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I’m so sorry @fennanwinters I forgot to pay you back the last time you did a r4r post. I deleted my Wattpad account because I am no longer writing. But I have a community account and can read from there so I will do so over the next week. Again, I apologize. My community account is called Sanctuary Community and if you see it in the comments, that’s me. Might actually help because it should count as a new engaged reader

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Oh! I completely forgot about it, so no worries but thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you kindly for your kind words, and I will chip away at yours over the next few days, as I’m busy with work at the moment.

I’m liking it so far (Read Chapter One last night), very tense beginning… Nice!


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Title: On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales
Link: On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales - Coco - Wattpad
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
# of chapters you want to do? I think we exchanged 5 chapters last time, wanna do another 5? I can also do 3 if it works better for you.

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