Read for Reads? Chapter Swaps?

-I’m not sure how many people will reach back to me. But I wanted to give this another try! In fact, calling all beta readers, critique editors, or whatever you would like to call yourself :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I am reaching out to you guys correctly (lol), but I was wondering if anyone is interested in swapping chapters? Is anyone interested in becoming beta reader friends, or critique partners? That is, of course, if the Chemistry is there. :wink:

I’m typically a fantasy/sci-fi, young adult kind of reader. I know there are many sub-genres to this, but quite frankly, I think someone who might work outside this genre can bring in an outside perspective I never would have thought of.
So all genres welcome! :smiley:

-Quite frankly, the more brutally honest you are with my work, the more satisfied I’ll be. Of course, I WILL have a friendly tone with your work, lol.


-I would rather you choose 3 chapters that are either in the middle or towards the end of the story. If something doesn’t make sense, or if you have no idea what’s going on in the storyline, fill free to ask questions, so I can see if I can answer them. :slight_smile:

-same rules apply vise versa:: send me ANY of your 3 chapters, and I’ll ask questions if something doesn’t make sense.

-But if you must insist, first 3 chapters are fine, too.

-DO NOT send me docs, attachments, or even fanfiction. In fact, I ONLY exchange stories on Wattpad.

-I’m on this site a lot, so I will get back to EVERYONE who comments and is interested. If you want to send me a message on wattpad, that’s perfectly fine, too. Send Me Messages on Wattpad here!

I don’t expect you to read the entire book because I know people are busy or perhaps you just don’t want to. (that’s fine.)

There are two stories on my profile that say Nightfire warriors. MAKE SURE YOU ARE READING THE ONE THAT SAYS REMASTERED.

Nightfire Warriors (Remastered)

To send me your chapters, again, just send me a message on Wattpad, comment below, and I will get back to you quickly as possible :slight_smile:

I don’t know the future, but maybe we can exchange our stories more often! :slight_smile: Do you guys know any writing groups? What are some communities you recommend joining? :slight_smile:
Happy, writing! <3

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Keep me in mind, and I’ll read your first three chapters.

I’m currently using a borrowed PC, and have no access to my works on Wattpad due to being a Guest only. But I will get back to you once my PC is back from Repair…

I don’t want a Deep Dive Review, just honesty. I will do likewise once I have my PC back. But I cannot do this until I have my PC back, so please bare with me here.
I’ll post my link here when I can.

P.S. I will honour this post. I promise!


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Hi, I am a part of Dreamland Community on Wattpad, that has multiple clubs that have different ways to critique each-other’s work on a weekly basis. You can check it out in the community book that describes each club.

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Awesome!! I will get back to by tomorrow morning <3. I have work for the rest of the evening, so I will get on that by tomorrow morning.


Seriously, I cannot commit until after 2nd of December… That is when my PC will be returned. I will post my link here and read yours then also.

As I have stated, I will honour my previous post.


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lol my bad, i was running out of the house in a rush when I saw the reply!
But thank you again <3

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No problem!


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