Read for Reads (first 3 chapters)

Mature readers only!

Anybody wanna do read for reads, (first 3 chapters only?) Im bored and wanna read some new things :slight_smile:
Not sure how many will respond, but I’ll get back to you guys as soon as possible. Just message me, or comment, and i’ll add your story to my list and get started.

To do list:

1.“Last Sunset” by SayWatt
2. “King Eden” by RowanCarver

Bonus points for fantasy/sci fi That’s probably the only genre I read and talk about lol.

The link for mine is here!


eyyy I got a sci-fi draft for you

fair warning it’s a little choppy and its dark.

Last Sunset - FIRST DRAFT - SayWatt74 - Wattpad

how long are your chapters? Mine are pretty short, the first 3 pieces total up to 2.6k


they’re pretty long, my chapters are about 1-3k words each.

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hmm, okay. Fair warning that it might take me a couple days to get to your chapters because I’m working on a beta read and an r4r, that okay? how many comments/what type are you looking for? Or is this purely just silent reading?

i have a paranormal draft in google docs, the chapters are closer to those lengths, would you rather do that instead? If you wanna stick to the sci fi, that’s chill.

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sure. i already read the one you gave in your link. i was pretty invested. but whatever works best and easiest for you sending the paranormal draft, i’m honestly okay with too.

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I am interested! my story is a mature post-apocalyptic sci-fi

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oh god wow you’re fast.

are you sure? if you are cool with that, I can read an additional chapter on yours if you’d like, to even it out.

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yeah thats fine! and okay :smiley:

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and yeah, im bored lol

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reading now :slight_smile:

okay, well, great!

here is the link, i hope you enjoy!

I will try to get to yours in the next day, definitely before wednesday night heh (long work day)

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I dont know how to comment on it without editing it, lol, but I am reading it.
So far, it’s pretty mysterious.

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if you highlight bits you should be able to comment :slight_smile: i’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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Got some fantasy here for ya The Unsettled - womanofsand - Wattpad

I’m not usually that into sci fi but I’ve been enjoying Subterra Heart by @littlesilverwren and your story seems to have great chapter titles and a scrawny male protagonist which I tend to appreciate

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I don’t know if you will accept because my story isn’t really mature but here is the link

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hey! i’m down for anything!! :smiley: i just say that because my story is mature. <3

oh ok. Tell when to start

I’ll trade a Mature Romance read, if it interests you!

are you still open? I’ve an Asian fantasy book