Reading Time - R4R with the greatest chapter EVER! (2nd) +Resistence from a moderator (I hope he doesn't know two of his evil buddies that ran me out back in the day) P.S. I may have lost some replies, so sorry

Do you want to be a part of something great? Look no further than the second chapter of the most wonderful book on Earth! Those of you so self gratifying to read this chapter will have the pleasure returned in full with your stories. While I give credit of greatest action sequences and greatest writing mechanics to members among you, I have created something beyond all that. Enjoy:)
Title: CIN
Link: HERE
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Favorite Food (and I might cook it):

Note that a moderator deleted my last thread and I may have lost some replies. This wasn’t one of the two evil moderators that ran me out of this website back in the day but I have the feeling that group doesn’t want me back so soon.

Peach Child and I don’t have a favorite movie lol

Title: On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales
Favorite Movie: There’s a lot I love, but I’ll pick Beauty and the Beast as a childhood favorite.

Title: The Boy Made of Strings

Favorite Movie: Akira