Realistic Question: How many notebooks would I need for this thing?

I already have one five subject notebook for a hand writing fiction.
Yet, I want to handwrite a novel in a five subject notebook.

Here’s the thing, when I hand write it is going to be front and back along with a space/line apart.

So, for each chapter will be like five or six pages front to back, but the problem is that there are 200 pages in a five subject notebook.

I haven’t figured out how many chapters I plan on giving this novel, but honestly, I am more concern with if I need to buy another notebook.

Thoughts and feelings?

So, I really need to know if I need a second five subject notebook or no?
This is something I plan to do daily as much as I can since I seem to want to do this.

Of course I will be using writing sessions/sprints to help me out and maintain my sanity when I am on break.

So, I am feeling good about this, regardless of the obstacles I will face.


I shall just get another five subject notebook when I am finished with the one I am writing in currently.

Size of writing plays a part. 1/2 to 1/3 a epic novel in 5 subject was what my hand writing did. Front and back, little spacing, added sentences in the margins.

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This is my handwriting:

Can I make it happen?

You can get pretty far with rhat. My hand writingnis chicken scratch, but fast scrawling is about that size. I dont double-space, though.

My husband can writie a while 1st draft novella in a 1 subject. Crazy.

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Thank you for answering me.
I now know what to do in terms of handwriting this novel.

So, wish me some luck next month tomorrow and in general.

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I am envious of that…

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i’m curious why you double space? looking at your handwriting, you don’t need that extra line to keep it legible so…?

also idk depends how much writing you end up doing. I can fit most or all of a novel in a 200 page 8.5x11in notebook so i’d say you probably could too. though i write a little bit smaller and single spaced :thinking: but 1 notebook is good to start with, they’re not hard to find so you can just pop to the store and grab one if you run out of space.

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It looks better that way at least to me.

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that’s fair.

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Double-spacing leaves notes for edits as you teansfer it to the computer. You also need to be able to note thing back a ways when you do skmetbing that changes the way thw first part works. Any space Ive left myself has always been used.


ah, i see. i just use sticky notes for that

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@J.L.O and @copyedit : That is one way of looking at it. Yet I think do double space because it just looks cleaner and nicer to my eyes. I mean my handwriting is fine, but double space is just nicer visually to me. That could change, but do I want it to change?

So, I am just doing what make me comfortable.



It depends on how big your hand writing is as well as all the other stuff you’ve said. It never hurts to get an extra notebook

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I have a picture above that shows my handwriting.

Wow okay you might want to buy an extra two or three notebooks

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Even though it is a five subject notebook and I am writing each page front to back?

Yes. Think of it this way: if you buy the extra notebook, you won’t end up needing it. But if you don’t by the extra notebook, you will end up needing it. Better to just have an extra notebook :joy:

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Alrighty then. LOL!

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