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Hi Wacky Writers community! :wave:

TLDR; I’m looking for novel recommendations to read, assess, list, and potentially spotlight on my book blog, Archdale.

Self-intro: :writing_hand:
I’m a blogger that loves books and am fascinated by the publishing industry. In this current age of technology and digital media, many stories have shifted to self-publishing. While this makes writing and finding an audience more accessible, it’s also easy for stories to get lost and buried under the hundreds of thousands out there. Thus, I created a website last year aiming to connect avid readers to undiscovered stories in an effort to assist them in finding captivating new stories as well as to encourage emerging authors.

History of Website: :book:
Due to various life occurrences, I was unable to keep up the website’s functions (assessing, organizing, and curating stories) for the entirety of the year after beginning this project in March 2019. But in the few months that I ran this by myself, I was honestly amazed by the positive feedback and unexpected surge of website visitors in the thousands per month. And so, here I am to start up this project again by asking for your participation in recommending stories right here on Webnovel!

What is Archdale (formerly Virtual Bookshelf)? :grey_question:
All stories are assessed with the human touch and indexed accessibly. I also used to offer in-depth reviews in the past, but I couldn’t keep up with demand as each would take a minimum of an hour to write, disregarding time reading the entire novel.

Call to Action :exclamation:
Just reply to this thread with any number of stories you want to recommend. Self-promotion is acceptable. In advance, thank you for your help! Let’s support hard-working writers and connect their stories to enthusiastic readers! Besides general exposure on the website’s index pages, a monthly feature of stories is also created to highlight new and upcoming works as well as older, undiscovered/underrated ones. You can also recommend stories specifically for this Monthly Highlight feature as well.

Our Community :people_holding_hands:
If you want to learn more about this ambitious project, or if you want to be a part of the Archdale community or voluntary staff, then visit our website or join us on the new, official discord.

There is an extra space after the //. I’m including these to show the blog for verification as well as the Discord for support.

Website: https://
Discord: shown via my profile

If you have questions on a story’s specific score, please ask on Discord.

Much thanks to @astrophile for reaching out via Discord about this forum. Looking forward to awesome new stories and meeting new authors and readers!

Hope to see you there! :blush:


I’m coming in with a small author recommendation! I absolutely loved this story and wish more people would read it.

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In transparency, I don’t check with authors of stories others are recommending. To be honest, that thought never occurred to me. Since the stories are published online, I presume it is okay to index them like how Goodreads or Novelupdates does. I am not copying the story content, simply redirecting any interested viewers while crediting the original authors. Basically, it’s freedom of blogging/commenting/sharing? But should authors ever want me to remove their stories from their list, I do. I did receive a reply the other day from a Wattpad author asking me to do so until they realized what kind of site I had. It appeared the formal wording confused them thinking it was spam. :laughing:


I would love if you could check out my story The Death of Isaiah Williams

‘Philanthropist, Isaiah Williams, dead at 73’

The news of the death of Isaiah Williams sends shock waves through an entire nation. For Cora, the repercussions are felt in every aspect of her life. But, it is her love life that takes the real hit. The once acceptable advances of Aiden, a cute boy in her French class, become an enemy attack. It is up to Cora to decide if she sides with her community or with her heart.

The Death of Isaiah Williams - MissLaughALot_ - Wattpad

I also want to recommend Hard to Find and First There Was You

Hard to Find [COMPLETE] #Wattys2020 - anna - Wattpad

First There Was You - Victoria Tobin - Wattpad

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Here’s an ongoing novel that might be a little different from the norm.

And here’s a chilling and fascinating book by a friend.

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I have an ongoing fantasy book at the moment : )

Title: The Great Escape


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Hello! I have two novellas that I’d like to share :slight_smile:

New adult, angsty short story:✓

Romance novella that features road trip elements:✓

Thank you! And here’s a rom-com by my lovely friend @impulse !


I’ve got a few for you!

  1. My current project - The Watcher (The Watcher - Issy Metcalf - Wattpad)
    A paranormal romance with new adult themes, mystery and magic. (Shameless self-promotion!)

  2. A gritty sci-fi series by @RowanCarver - King Eden (King Eden - Rowan Carver - Wattpad)
    Awesome science fiction story you can’t put down.

  3. An ongoing zombie novel by @dontwalkwiththedead - I’m Not Dead (I'm Not Dead - Ria - Wattpad)
    A great zombie novel with a fab MC

  4. A completed YA/Fantasy novel by @RogueWriter55 - The Clearing (The Clearing - Dee - Wattpad)
    A lovely magical story with great world building.

Hopefully they don’t mind me recommending their work. It might be worth dropping them a message just to be sure though because I don’t think they’re all on here :slight_smile:

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What kind of stories are you looking for? LGBT+ or not? Romance or other genres?


  1. A New Adult romance book: The Burden of Us [Editing] - Alex ☕️ - Wattpad

  2. My current work in progress I started for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a general fiction book: Vanishing Acts - Alex ☕️ - Wattpad

Thanks for your time!

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You are so sweet! Thank you for the recommendation :heart:

Be sure to check out @softyhartz’s works, I can’t rave about them enough, they’re so well-written :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Another story I thoroughly enjoyed is pinkiriss’s Feminine Secrets:✓


I highly recommend Match Made in Quarantine by @katfeatherly. It’s such a sweet treat and an enjoyable read.✓

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thanks so much for the mention! and yes the Watcher is fantastic, you guys should definitely check it out

Ooh, Feminine Secrets was an awesome book
I quit Wattpad a few months ago (i’m back now lol) but ended up making another account for the sole purpose of finishing that book XD


Any genre!

And thank you all for the recommendations, looking forward to reading these stories! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Oh ok, well here’s mine:
It’s about a gay romance during a zombie apocalypse.

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Your recommended story has been read and added to Virtual Bookshelf. It was unique and charming read! I loved the voice and language employed in this one. This will definitely be on November’s Monthly Spotlight (currently still working on it as the month just ended, and I’m considering all the new books read across all sites).

To everyone else, I’m steadily making my way through all the recommendations both on here and the other writing platforms I cover. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to read all of them in time for November’s Monthly Spotlight, but they will be considered for December.



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I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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