Refining Your Sci-fi and Fantasy Works | Developmental Editing for Aspiring Writers

Hello everyone!

My name is Breyonna Jordan, and I am the owner of Editing Your Works, LLC. As a developmental editor, my aim is always to help you put your best work forward, improve your writing skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the craft. I work on a broad scope, analyzing the effectiveness of your usage of literacy elements as it pertains to your theme and audience.

Because I specialize in critiquing sci-fi and fantasy works, my edits often include an emphasis in world-building, as well as:

-character development
-scene necessity
-and so much more!

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These edits generally include some combination of editorial queries and a revision letter.

The queries are formatted as comments made using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes or Google Doc’s Suggesting Mode. They are filled with detailed suggestions, explanations, and possible solutions to developmental problems identified within the text.

The revision letter is either a Word doc or Google doc (depending on your preference). It contains overall feedback and major concerns and provides a useful tool to reference while editing. The letter is intended to be a larger, more general overview than the editorial queries.

While you can see my typical prices here, I’m currently running a sale on Fiverr. It’s a one-time reduction of my current rates that ends September 30th. Prices* start at $100 and run up to $750 (approximately) depending on the scope of the project. And I’m offering members of Wacky Writers a further discount as well!

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For more information about both me and the services I offer, you can visit my website at

*Pricing includes discount

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Do you have testimonials/work samples/examples of published books you helped edit? :smiley:

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