Regarding Luca

Please submit any evidence or testimonies you have regarding Luca’s alleged involvement with a wanted felon. Only one submission per person allowed.

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Ms. Librarian had no proof that Luca was guilty of the death of Sadria, making us communicate with Raza, or anything in between. Luca was a rule-abiding citizen that should not be accused of crimes they didn’t commit. There isn’t any evidence against them, so they should be released.

With that out of the way, here’s what I want to say regarding Raza:

I saw Raza multiple times. First, he communicated with each academy with a mirror. He asked us to find him the three books of unlimited magic. He also said that he would find another way to communicate with us because the security of Tenebris was too high.

Soon, the mirrors were destroyed by the leaders of the three academies. Afterward, a note (that was confiscated by Ms. Librarian) appeared under Luca’s shoe (they didn’t seem to read the note). The note stated that we lost his trust and we must prove ourselves to him again.

Raza then said we could communicate with him by ordering a drink with the contents of the abyss. I’m afraid some students ordered this drink. So far, Raza has communicated with those students twice with the drink of the abyss. We suspect Raza may continue to communicate using those drinks.

Unfortunately, both the mirrors and the glasses of water were untraceable and witnesses were unable to record them. There were many other students around when this occurred and I am sure they will agree that they also saw Raza.

The drinks themselves look like normal drinks now. That might have something to do with containing parts of the abyss, but we’re not exactly sure how Raza is communicating through these drinks, so don’t take our word for that.

Raza also seems to have a picture to be identified with:


However, we aren’t sure if that’s what he looks like or merely an illusion.

That’s all the information I have. Once again, there is no proof that Luca is involved in this and they should be released.


Luca cares about other people and they wouldn’t do something so reckless to harm other people.

On the day of their arrest, I had discovered that Luca was not only studying and performing duties as head student but also working a part time job. If they were to commit the crime of treason, they would not have the time to actually do it. They cannot juggle so many tasks and have the time to commit crimes. I think they were either framed or it was a bad coincidence that the note was stuck to their shoe. I’ve known Luca since our days as new students and I can say with certainty that Luca is not the type of person to commit crimes but they are loyal, dedicated, hard working, and kind and would never do such a heinous thing.

I hope that anyone that listens to this testimony knows that Luca is a good person. A good person would never betray Tenebris and magic itself. Implying that Luca did would be a lie.


To whoever it may concern,

I truly believe that Luca is innocent in this case. There is no reason whatsoever for them to commit a crime which resulted in their arrest. They are a hard working individual who takes studying, acting as head student and working very seriously. They simply do not have the time to do something so imprudent which would affect their studies and job. Furthermore, Luca had very much been looking forward to their date with Jordania at the Magical Menagerie that was suppose to happen the next day. Luca treasures their relationship with Jordania deeply; I highly doubt they would do anything to jeopardize the little time they are able to spend with Jordania.

It was purely coincidental for Luca to find a note written by Raza stuck to their shoe. I am sure many students will be able to testify that they had witnessed Luca handing the note to a student without so much as glancing at it. In any way, there were no other “suspicious” activities Luca had partaken in.

I suppose I may sound biased, seeing as I am in the same academy as Luca and I may or may not have some feelings towards them and Jordania. However, I am sure there are many other students who have the same thoughts as I do about this entire event.

I hope with this I will be able to prove Luca’s innocence and… well, my love towards them. Luca, I just hope that this will be able to reach you and help free you. I swear that I am trying my hardest and— Oh dear, I digress.

Anyhow, I am convinced that Luca has been wrongfully convicted of a crime or deed they did not commit. Luca is a wonderful person. They would never threaten their position in school or work, it is absolutely impossible. They would never betray anyone’s trust.


@TheLibrarian Please free Luca. Lock me up instead. :wink:

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Luca does not deserve to be arrested, We must not put unreal allegations unless there is proof they did something. Remember, Innocent unless proven guilty (US law). I do not know Luca very well since I am not in their Academy, and I am not an Apprentice; But I do feel that we should investigate instead of arresting the first person at the scene. Rounding up those whom you think may have something to do with the crime and giving trials to defend themselves. But you, @TheLibrarian decided to execute them for resons we students don’t understand…And hope to know.



I believe that it is purely coincidental that the note was stuck to Luca’s shoe. From what I know, Luca is a hard-working student and was juggling multiple jobs. I don’t know how with their schedule that they would be able to plot to overthrow the order as well.


Luca was the head student in my academy, and they were very hard-working, and doing everything in their power to handle all the jobs they had. They were always working on one thing or another, and helping us as well. I trust them, and I don’t believe they were working with Raza. I’ve witnessed Raza’s communications multiple times, and Raza never gave any indication of working with Luca either. I’m almost completely certain that Luca is innocent, and their imprisonment is unnecessary.


I was the one the note was given to, and I know for a fact that Luca did not read it.

In fact, they thought it was a shopping list and handed it over to me.


Luca has done nothing wrong. They have been a very good & helpful head student for my academy. They are extremely hard working & dedicated to what they do. And they don’t like to ask for help.

Please don’t take your dislike of The Necromancer & put it on Luca. They’ve done nothing to you.

It was a pure coincidence that they stepped on the note. Why them? I don’t know. It’s one of the mysteries in the world that we will never know.

Also, why the heck would they stick a note to their foot? Like, huh? It would ruin the paper quickly. smh I would hide the note, if it was mine, somewhere else on my body.


I truly believe that Luca is innocent and had nothing to do with Raza or any sort of murder. Prior to that unfortunate incident, they had been extremely busy with the tasks of a head student and would have had no time to plan a murder alongside that. They also did not have any idea of Sadria’s whereabouts during that time, as they had stated in the Owlington common room.

Although they were the only one that would listen to the students and believe them about how Raza kept trying to contact them, this does not mean they are guilty of working with him. If they were secretly working behind The Order’s backs, Luca would likely have shown a trace of uneasiness, guilt, or odd behaviour at the mention of Raza trying to contact the students. Instead, they were genuinely confused about how people could communicate through water and was hesitant to believe the students at first. Luca had nothing to hide.

On the other hand, the Librarian seems rather suspicious, as she keeps insisting that all she sees is a glass of water, refusing to believe that the students were not all crazy. This marks the behaviour of a guilty person trying to hide something. I do not have the grounds to accuse her of such a thing, but I do say that this could very well be a possibility. That would explain why she was so eager to put the blame on someone else, to lead people away from the true culprit. Furthermore, Luca thought that the Librarian would know most about water and communication, and yet she refuses to acknowledge that such a thing is possible. In addition, Raza himself is partial to Illusion.

Does it not seem sketchy that the head of Illusion, whose type of magic is related to that form of communication, denied that there could be such a possibility?

These are some considerations I’d like to bring to mind. Luca’s innocence will reveal itself, and framing the innocent will never lead to a good ending. That is all I have to say.


I was not present at the event, but I will vouch for Luca’s character.

As @flyingCouch stated, they were a hard-working student and employee. From my own experiences with Luca, they were always kind, understanding, and supportive. Their character and consistent behavior does not match with such a rash, destructive behavior as the one they are being accused of.

This behavior clashing with their upright character would be enough to raise the belief that they may not be guilty, but the librarian has not even found any evidence with which to accuse them of committing the crime! Their only fault was for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A note being stuck to someone’s shoe does not necessarily implicate them in the deed done. I myself have had found things stuck to my shoe before and had no clue what it was or how it got there.

It is purely circumstantial, and Luca’s character seriously strains the possibility of motive for such a violent crime.

Please, investigate further. Release Luca. We all need to work together to find the real culprit of this heinous act.


First of all, let me say that I have not known Luca for very long. I only talked to them once, but I have seen them interact with other people many times. They are so sweet and kind; it is just mind-boggling that you think he would have done something.

I want to point out that the note stuck to their shoe did not just show up there. It showed up everywhere!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

You might notice that Exhibit B includes your words. If you ask Luca to explain how the note got to their shoe, maybe you should consider explaining how the note got stuck to you. I am listening…

Also, they still could not see the conversations with Raza.

Beginning of Conversation:

Some Evidence:

They do not even believe us! They could not see it; you could not see it, nobody can see it.

They only believe us because they are thinking about it. No one bothered to think about it. Anyway, they probably would not have believed us if we were not on our knees, begging them to trust us.


Here’s what I think, your honor.

Luca has been acting suspicious ever since the Orientation. They were never around our academy, sneaking out late at night, coming back early in the morning. Who knows where they have been.
Truth to be told, I think Jordania set them up. She seems like a nice person and all but she’s addicted to that hummingbird juice and I knew it was just a matter of time before Luca slipped under her influence.
We all know Jordy has been very unhappy with her mentor and wanted to trade with Luca, but Luca didn’t want to. So, a mastermind that she is, she planned this whole thing just so she could get away from the old hag! I mean, I don’t blame her for wanting to escape Imelda’s claws, but blaming Luca is just wrong!
Lemme ask you all something. Why do you think Jordy wanted to hang out with Luca so much? Because she wanted to plant the note! Everything else was just a show. Crocodile tears!
Lets not forget she was also the one who kept bringing the fertilized to the Greenhouse and I think I don’t need to remind you what happened then…
It’s always the most innocent looking ones…

Miss Librarian, I’m telling ya, you have the wrong person. The real culprit has been under your ugly fat nose the whole time!



Such strange occurrences. Talking about water again?

Thank you for your contributions. We will have to close submissions now in order to prepare for tomorrow.