Religions on Earth-based planet

Hello! I have a planet in my sci-fi universe that is based on earth but about 10,000 years into the future. I’m trying to work on what religions are on the planet.

So far, I have the Abra religion, which is based on a mix of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and the Numen religion, which isn’t based on any current-day religion but was created because its extremely plot important. (Numen is polytheistic).

Does anyone have any thoughts of other religions that I could adapt into religions for this planet to give a distinct ‘earth’s religions but far into the future’ vibe?


What is different about this future earth than the old earth? What are the major developments and changes that have happened?

You could base religions on new developments in technology. Like if they have AI, is there some greater meaning to what it means to be a ‘person’?

If they have space travel, is there greater meaning to the universe beyond earth?

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Well, this earth has powers, for one thing. Everyone has one of 24 different powers.

They figured out space travel, expanded and colonized other planets before a insane earthquake/tsunami/plague combo regressed them back to medieval times for a while.

They do not have sentient AI, although they do have externally advanced computers.

Now, the planet is part of a intra-planet organization called the Star Allience.

Well, you could easily have religious based around the powers. The powers are gifts from god, but maybe people disagree on which god. Thats an easy one to explore.

You could have a religion based on the idea of greater being out there in the universe and the search for them.

You could have religions passed down from the accentors from those other planets. Maybe they developed their own creation stories & gods based on their planets.

Or that people worship certain planets. Maybe they believe Mars is the center of the universe, that we actually originated from that Mars and humanity needs to return there.

You could have a religion based on the natural disaster. That the gods punished them for acting like “gods themselves” and a certain sect is worried about technology progressing back to that point and being destroyed again. Like a sci-fi future version of Amish?

Maybe you could have “Novaist” who believe the entire universe will be destroyed by a super Nova and keep predicting when the end of the universe will come.

Maybe you could have a whole religion birthed from Astrology. Maybe they believe the position of the stars when you were born dictates what power you will have and their worship revolves around the idea of Destiny and following it.

Idk, they are just some ideas. The cosmos is a huge source of inspiration for things like that though. Some celestial bodies are wacky and I could definitely see us silly humans finding some reason to worship the stars more than we do now once we had space travel.


Those are all great ideas! Thank you so much!

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Animism is underrated. use it.

I am not going to talk about possible religions but more of questioning the Abra religion

there is a fourth one with a hard english name as well

these religions are known as “Family of the books” as ones that are based on books that prophets brought, translated from my language the tricky thing with this would be how they would fit into each other

Islam believes in the prophets of the other books as well as their stories but the reason the book was given was because they believe that the books have been “altered” which is why stories differ, Arabs at the time were into literature and poetry to the point writing love poems is just normal which is why it was easy for them to memorize the Quran and it is believed to be hard to alter


When mixing these religions I wonder what would have happened to its history
Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross, Muslims believe that someone who caught up to Jesus had his appearance and voice altered to look like him and that was the one who was killed while Jesus went to Heaven to later return, I think Christianity

Who as almost sacrificed is also different based on religion sooooo… how are you going to fix the timeline issue?

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My thought is that the abrahamic religions became much more rarer as they were pushed out by newer religions, and eventually they came together because their were so few left that they couldn’t individually survive.

However I have decided that their are many different sects of Abra, and three of the major ones are going to be very similar to Islam, Christanity and Judaism. All the different sects argue about who is and who isn’t really a prophet.