Remeber when…

Only true OGs will remember this…

Remember when, on the old Wattpad forums, someone posted a thread about how pointless writing, and by extension, creating anything is. And then proceeded to get torn apart by every single poster?

In honor of my cake day, let’s reminimse of old times. Funnily enough, my cake day is 2 days after my build day.


I can recall writers putting unpopular writing opinions torn to shreds by others when they said so. Also that it was like the wild west, there was no strict regulation back then. Also, the group of people on forums was pretty small back then who used to talk together all the time. Some, are published, by now others have focused entirely on their new lives as parents, etc.


It takes balls of steel to go on a writer’s forum and say that writing is pointless. That’s all I can say.


Well, happy cake day. I was late to Wattpad because I didn’t take writing as an outlet option until late in life. But all early sites are the Wild Wild West. Lol

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This wasn’t even too long ago!

I remember Wattpad in 2013. If there was a way to bring it back to how it was then, it would be great.


Happy cake day! And happy build day, too. (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭‧˚₊̥✧

I don’t remember that thread, so I wonder if I was in it…? It sounds like the kind of topic I would’ve been drawn to just to see what the OP’s logic was. I sure wish Wattpad HQ had at least archived the site before they deleted it! (-᷅_-᷄๑)

There were a lot of interesting threads back then, though I could do without all the ones about abortion and such. There seemed to be a lot of über religious people back in the old forums, and none at all here, for which I’m thankful.

Still, I miss some of the old threads, like the one about artificial intelligence and how it would someday put millions of people out of work, and how that would affect a society where so many people today are breeding unsustainably. There were a lot more people in the old forums, though, so it was easy to sustain a long discussion on a subject like that. We just can’t do that here. Very few people, really, join in any of the topic chats, and prefer to stay in personal threads and personal chats instead.

I remember there was a heated thread on trigger warnings, too, and I regret now that it happened before the results of the Harvard study were posted, so I had no real evidence back then to back up my statements. Grrrrr. Oh well, c’est la guerre! ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Just remembering the old Wattpad forums brings a tear to my eye

Also happy cake day!


I did say some controversial opinions myself as a teenager. Such as certain genres not being necessary or overrated. I also publicly stated how I disliked the attitude of some writers. I did get a lot of flak of it lmao. Since I was heavily critiquing the CEO, mafia and writers who did it underneath one umbrella. Now? I always make sure to NEVER refer to one group having agreement with meanings and things. Better to learn that lesson early than late.


I don’t think anything will piss people off more on a writing forum other than saying that writing is pointless.

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You would be surprised. Their readers attacked me a lot. Happened when I wrote ONE COMMENT about not relating nor empathizing to a main character in a horror book. Because I felt she was written blandly, as a writer-insert, she constantly whined and never tried to come up with any solution. Which is still a huge turn off for me even now.


That was one oversensitive person. I’m talkng about having everyone turn against you.

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Happy cake day! :partying_face: :man_dancing:

I… don’t know if I remember that. xD Lots of things happened in the old clubs—some of which I wasn’t really a part of or got the memmo of haha—but if I did participate or knew of it at the time (which I think if I did, I’m sure I would’ve said something in that thread), I don’t remember it hahaha. :sweat_smile:

Some old times:

  • Those good ol’ threads that complained about the Ambassadors. xD
  • Anything by that Schuyler dude, if I’m even spelling it correctly. That guy was a handful. :rofl:
  • The people who complained about people in their families who thought writing was pointless and then you’d complain with them but then they went off on you because “only I get to complain about my own family—you can’t have a say in it.” :roll_eyes:
  • The amount of people who would continuously break the rules and even after being told why they were breaking them, they’d complain and say they didn’t know the rules…
  • In the Share Your Story club, before it became the SYS threads, all those people who would advertise their story on your own thread without even reading what your thread was about.
  • All those political and religious threads that got people so angered and even shut down because people kept arguing over who was right.

This place is very chilled out

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It really has. xD

But then again, there isn’t as many people here. I think I saw somewhere that there is like a couple thousand people, which is a lot, but it seems like only five to ten people even participate here. :pleading_face:


It depends on the thread. Not everyone is active on the same topics at the same time.

ATS is still going, but I remember when that site first came out. Conspiracy site, one of the biggest ones. Fun place for weird ideas.

Hell, I remember when Myspace was novel. Lmao

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Ah yes.

Well, it’s a complicated thing. I mean, I write when I have something to natter on about, but sometimes I’m looking at a post wondering if anything is necessary. I have my phone with me most the day, so I technically can blow up a post at any time. So probably about 60% to 90% of the time it shows me online, I probably haven’t posted a thing.

And there’s people who are more interested than me who rarely respond. It takes dedication to bring that level of liveliness to a forum. But it’s what attracts more interest from those who don’t invest as much.

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Ah, that happened as well. In writer dramas I won’t get into. I’ve been on the site pretty long. So i’ve seen all kinds of people come and go. I think most users from my generation already left Wattpad and it’s forums for better pastures.

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