Requesting Action/Adventure Book Cover and 2 Banners, please

Hello there. I am requesting one (1) book cover and two (2) banners for a Korean action/adventure novel! :smiley: Please note that story is currently unpublished!

Title: Wild Card
Author name: Deanna Heller-Erskin
1st - A Korean woman wearing either swat, police, military, or militia outfit (not required though) examples -, Personally, I would rather BiBi - a Korean singer/songwriter as the faceclaim. If you cannot use BiBi, any Korean actress would be fine. If you cannot manipulate her well holding a gun, then please instead have her ‘wrapped’ in police tape like this: (personally, I kinda like this more, tbh! :smiley:) Other inspiration for model -,,
2nd - A bloodied wild card or ace of spades or any wild card. splattered with blood, a snake curling around it and dark red background. Examples would be this: but not the knife/sword., and (I know my examples here sucks, I’m sorry!!!)
Other info - I’ll also be needing 2 banners.
Banner 1 - Wild Card by Deanna Heller-Erskin
Banner 2 - Thank you for reading / Only on Wattpad
(Matching the cover, please)

Payments: Anything as long as it’s non-monetary and doesn’t require me to read the entirety or close to the entirety of your story. The closest I’d can do is 5+ chapters, 7+ comments per, a follow, etc. :smiley:

Thank you! :heart:

Hey, mind posting your cover so that people know how to match it since that’s pretty important to your specifications?

I currently don’t have a cover since the story isn’t published.

Okay just realized the request was three graphics total, I thought it was just a request for two banners woops XD

Lol, no worries! :heart::two_hearts: Thank you for checking up though :blush:

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Bump :heart:

Just putting this out in case someone is interested in attempting!

I know the story title is Wild Card but if the incorporation of the card doesn’t work and you instead use a chess piece (like that one example…) then please, you are more than welcome to change the title to this: Checkmate


Yo! I went with the snake/card thing. Hope it doesn’t look too cartoony, but I think it looks okay?


open in a new tab for full rez!


Thank you!
I’ll gladly use these!
Any payment in particular? :smiley:

glad you like em! Just credit me in the description :blush:

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Okay, perfect! Thank you again! :smiley:

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