Reviews and Contests

Do you suggest entering reviews? Does it provide more visibility?

With contest, even if you don’t win, does it provide opportunity for more people to find your book?

I just got second in a contest. I lost to a BTS fanfiction, which isn’t surprising given how popular they are. Plus, I would have to assume it was well written. I don’t read since I’m not the biggest BTS fan. I like some of their music, but I don’t really follow them.


Hi, trying to get a review is better than doing nothing :smiley: You may get a new reader (=the reviewer) and possibly one or two who follow the review book. Sometimes it’s about luck. But the reviewer often gives more feedback, so that’s good. Unfortunately, that goes for like 10 first chapters at most. But even that is good, since if the start is weak, the chance for a reader to continue is rapidly falling :sweat_smile:

Awards are also a good place to get some reads and reviews (if they are given). I often at least check the winners in the other categories. Others may do it too. I’ve gained a reader or two because they saw my story ranking in a lot of Awards :smiley: So they got curios and checked my book :wink:

Your other option is entering Book Club. It’s a place (book) where you are in a group of people, and you read each other books per week or two or a month (this differs from club to club). You can read a chapter, two, three, or ten depending on the rules. But if the number is set, it’s usually one or two per week. If it’s monthly, you may decide the number of chapters with your partner.

The comments you give often have to be in-line, of certain length, tagged (# BC’s name like # CCBC or # LNBC <= but without the space after # ;-)), and give both positive and negative points. For example, you may like the descriptions, but the author made a lot of mistakes with punctuation in dialogue. Both should be pointed out. If you have an idea of how to improve or a different world/synonym, don’t be afraid to say it :slight_smile:

I collect many Awards, BCs, Shops, and similar, so you may check out my account on WP Witto150 to get the lists :slight_smile:

And congratulation :confetti_ball: :partying_face:


That’s one thing I was going to bring up. They expect a follow, often permanent, even if they themselves aren’t judging. But I do understand that someone is taking time out of their day to read your book. Though there are times when you have to do so much payment and/or follow so many people. I don’t like it in the sense that it feels inauthentic. I will often check the person’s work list. However, if it weren’t for it being a rule, most of the time I wouldn’t follow that person naturally as they don’t write or are not really interested in what I like reading or writing. Then I get flooded by notifications.

Plus, they don’t always expect works to be finished, so they will only read “x” amount of Chapters and it feels like you may not be getting judged fairly if they quit reading after a certain number of Chapters, even if they’re at a critical point. I understand needing to hook readers from the beginning, but pacing is very important at the same time. You don’t want anyone complaining too much or too little is happening.

And thank you.

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If the contest or judge does reading list adds I do hear that reading list adds help the algorithm on WP. Plus followers of the judge/account will see the reading lists the next time they visit the profile and ish but otherwise there’s no garauntee of an audience on WP and people have been trying to figure out how the algorithm works for a long while.


I’ve never been a fan of book clubs over individual readers because it takes a long, long while for anyone to make significant headway in your book, and in that time you could have found a few people to get through the entire thing. There’s definitely a degree of caveat emptor when it comes to reviews on Wattpad, as it’s hard to get someone who does a deep dive and doesn’t just scamper off after two chapters, but it’s best to think of them as random readers who’ve done you the favor of verbalizing their thoughts instead of literary critics. Especially if you’ve already had a few beta readers, I wouldn’t count on either as anything but a way to physically get your book in front of more people.

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