Rewriting a popular book

I just got a encouraging comment on my most popular book, which only has one chapter saying that I hated the book, so I took all the chapters down until I rewrote it. And now I actually want to get to the rewrite this year (it’s been sitting like that since 2020).

But my issue is that ever since I marked it as complete, I’ve been wanting to rewrite it and having been playing with ideas in my head… I marked it as complete in 2016. So, basically for six years I’ve been playing different scenarios in my head for this story and now I don’t know what to do. Like at all.

Back in 2020, I had declared in the chapter that three things would stay the same, but now I’m unsure about one of those. I originally stated it would continue being a werewolf queer fantasy, but I haven’t touched werewolf books in years and I honestly have little interest in writing it anymore.

Anyway, here are some questions that should hopefully help me out:

If I changed it to a vampire story, do you think people would be pissed?

What are your favourite fantasy romance or just romance tropes?

What even are common things in werewolf books nowadays? Like has it changed since 2018?

What are things you would dislike if they were removed from a story you had liked?

Do you have any advice on doing a major rewrite for something that has a lot of reads?


If it were me I’d just replace the chapters as I rewrote them and not worry about what anyone else thought. I’ve never had a really popular story, though…


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This one’s nearly at 350k and nothing is staying besides possibly the three things mentioned above. Like almost nothing is useable from the first draft.

So, I’m basically starting over but not really. Idk it’s complicated… like technically I’m thinking it’s going to be the same world (just not set where the original was in the world) and the original characters personalities are staying for the most part but I think everything else is going to change.


Scenes I felt were important to understand the characters and the world

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If I rewrote my book every time people said they didn’t like it, I’d have to quit my job and drink a whole lot of coffee to get all the rewriting done. Beyond that one person who said they didn’t like your book (what did they dislike?), what else have people complained about? Look there to guide improvements.

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They didn’t say anything negative. I stated that I hated the book and was taking down all the chapters until I rewrote it.

And everything that’s been complained about in the past is due to the book being the first or second thing I ever wrote so going into the rewrite all the issues will end up getting fixed simply because I have experience now and know better.


I’m sorry. I’m just here because I’m curious about what book :sweat_smile:
Can you tell us, please?

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I absolutely don’t want anybody to remember the shit storm that book was if they read it. But it was a queer werewolf book that I wrote in 2016 or 2017. It definitely wasn’t the biggest book but having almost 350k reads is quite high for how crappy it was. Especially since I was 12 or 13 when I wrote it. But I will say it did have Rogue in the original title… I literally couldn’t even tell you what the original title was anymore. I mean I know it’s between two things but yeah.

I definitely road that werewolf and mafia book hype train back then.


Wow. That’s so cool! :astonished:


It feels like a different book. I would keep the legacy project as is and write a new one as a separate book. Even if concepts are similar in some way…


Yeah, I’m definitely leaning towards that. It’ll just sit there and piss people off until I actually do a rewrite.

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