Romance Writers Chat!


Hellooo! Back on the old forums (rip<3) i remember there used to always be a thread for romance writers where we could pop in, chat, see what others are working on. And I missed it so I thought i’d start one up!

A lil about me. I have two stories up. One’s more on the cliche side. The other is a fame story that deals with a few (darker) themes. I write for fun and use it as an escape (always nice to have a good mental escape here and there lol). And I love to read fellow creator’s work! It always gets me pumped to keep writing idk lol

I’m sure if you’ve read any of my posts on here I’m gonna sound like a broken record… but I do really miss the old forums and the community aspect it brought to WP. So I thought this could be a great place to meet some fellow WP romance writers, maybe find some new stories, or (best of all in my humble opinion) some new friends!!

To sum up what I feel like I’ve been repeating, I just love finding new friends on wattpad and hopefully you do too!

OR, it can just be a wacky place to get your mind off of writing, or vent about writing, or anything really!

so drop on in, say hi, lemme know what you’re working on, and lets get this show on a road!

edit: if yall write on wattpad lmk!! that’s where you can find me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :crazy_face:


ps. apologies if this is in the wrong thread. i did my best guess as to where it should go

pps. i don’t want to exclude anyone so if you don’t write romance, or your story isn’t FULLY romance, no worries! drop in and say hi!


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Know you all write romance so I tagged you if interested. Romance story spaces can be surprisingly hard to find.


oh wow thank you!!



np. Idk what all time zones they are so it might be some time.

So what romance stories do you write? :slight_smile:

i write mostly “contemporary” / “new adult” romance! i currently have 2 stories I’m working on. one’s kind of more along the ‘cliche’ plot line i guess you could say but i do my best to put a spin on it (does it work? i dunno lol) and the other is a fame centered story that deals with a few darker topics!

how about yourself?


There’s nothing wrong with using time-tested concepts :slight_smile: cliches in and of themselves aren’t bad, it just means they resonate with lots of people. And dark stuff is always fun.

I haven’t done a lot of romance yet. I have a college age mxm/ parent-child relationship drama, but that’s on hiatus atm. The other WIP is complicated lol. It’s an enemies to… friends? Lovers? Not quite sure but it’s something more than just friends lol. The characters seem to have it out to feel something.


Hello, I am here! Do i just… do I just introduce myself?


Yeppers! Just who you are and what you like to write :slight_smile:

yeah I’m a sucker for a good cliche most of the time! just depends how it’s done and changed to make it unique!

Oo those sounds very interesting! Are they posted??
For me, romance seems to be the easiest genre for me to write… which is funny when I consider my horrible dating history lol!

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Well! I’m Megan Alexandria on here and WP, and I liked to write dark(er) romances that end happily. Obviously.

I’ve got a modern romantasy, Miranda Rites: Night Shift, that’s 1/3 books fully published, a contemporary spy romance, Birds & Bullets, thats in the process of being fully released. And then I have some broody romantic poetry, Shallow, that’s pretty much updated as I get inspiration.

I’m currently working on a few things but the spotlight is on a pseudo fantasy/period romance about a princess.

Hi everyone!


Ooh very interesting!! It’s nice to meet you and welcome!! Happy to have ya join (:

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Ofc, is it truly a romance if it doesn’t end well :relieved:

So is Miranda Rites a trilogy, and Night shift is the first book? I love the title, “Birds and Bullets” it’s very vivid imagery.

brooding is fun :joy: and that’s a neat mashup of genres for the princess one. What period is it loosely based in?

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yikes here i am writing a possible sad ending to mine

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Ty so much! And YES I AM GLAD YOU SAID THAT. I love happy endings but so many people classify their books as romances and not dramas and I get tricked. I just wanted to be clear that I am a HEA kind of writer hahaha :weary:😵‍💫

And my WIP is loosely based on the Medieval era. :eyes::sparkles:


I used to be v scared and ashamed to ever write something predictable cuz my fam is all critical media people. Now Im trying to be okay with it and just tell whatever story I want to, yknow?

The first two chapters of the college one are on WP, yes. I’m stuck on how to have them meet :sob: I know what happens beyond but that first meeting – urgh.

The other one I"m working on offline atm. I want to have enough in order before I post. I’ve actually just crossed 10k on the first draft and that is just wild for me. Never had that much on a draft before!

LMAO MOOD :joy: I tend to write dark stuff and only recently started considering romance as a genre I could write.


hehehe well as @meganalexandria said that’s tech a drama or maybe romantic tragedy. But genre speaking, if it’s classified as romance it’s a HEA. :blush:

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Medieval you say :eyes: neat! So is it fantasy in like dragons and creatures, or like fantasy technology?

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I am seconding the MOOD. I think writing romance is a good escape. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


well, who’s to say it can’t be a HEA with them single?? sometimes ya gotta put yourself FIRST :crazy_face:

but in all seriousness, it would just be the ending of book 1 lol. or, if I don’t write a sequel, i would find a way to wrap it up well.

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Totally going and checking out your work! :joy: