Scenery/Landscape Manipulations | scenery for your inspiration! | open | examples inside

Offering: Custom scenery manipulations

What are these?
These are scenery inspirations for your writing. They feature nature or buildings. Sorry, I can’t add people or do interior. Just exterior.

Maybe you want some inspiration for a scenery? Maybe you want a visual of some important place in the story?

Examples (2020)
A scene in my story.

Title: Edinburgh on Edinburgh
This is something I just did for fun. So, if you want a valley full of “medieval” houses, I can make it happen. I used three different photos for this :wink: Can you tell?

Title: The Pond of Past Skies
It’s a pond in a cave where all past skies leak into. Or, at least, that’s the idea :stuck_out_tongue:
So, I figured out how to do a “looking outside from a cave” manipulation so now that’s on the menu, if you want. I used seven different photos.


  1. Don’t take off the watermark. I always use CC0 pics meaning that these manipulations are my own work. I would appreciate if you don’t remove the watermark. Don’t sell these either.
  2. Credit me as "Graphic by Enna L. Foxwood"
  3. Be specific in your form, but do understand the EXACT is impossible. Think of it as a version of the scenery or landscape you see in your head.
  4. I take time to make these because I do want to give you the best. Be patient :blush:
  5. This is a non-commitment shop. I won’t accept or deny. I will make the ones I think I can make. I will let you know if you have been chosen in the form of a heart :wink:
  6. You can request up to three manipulations at one time.
  7. Don’t ghost me after I take on your request. I do want to know if you like it or don’t like it.

Payment Options:
Once I deliver, you can choose which payment option is worthy :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll leave it up to you. Tell me which one you’ll do after I deliver it to you.

  1. Read and comment on one chapter of “The Gold of Charmteller
  2. Read and comment on two chapters of “The Gold of Charmteller
  3. Read and comment on the FIRST chapter of “Their Posthumous Lives
  4. Free option. You’re not going to do anything. Free. (although I would appreciate something, I’ll let you decide which option is worthy)


Story title:
Story genre:
The era of inspiration for the story: medieval, modern, Chinese empire, etc.
Describe the scenery in detail:
Here’s some questions to help you.

  • is it day or night or noon or evening? if there is sky, what does it look like? blue sky or starry sky? moons or planets or stars or the sun? clouds?
  • mountains in the distance? snow capped mountains? brown mountains? volcano?
  • what is the season?
  • do you want trees or flowers or grass? forest in the distance? water anywhere?
  • do you want buildings? what kind of buildings? castles? office buildings?
  • other things I can add: a bridge, railroad tracks, a road, a dirt path, birds, butterflies, possibly other animals but I wouldn’t count on it

Inspiration pics: THIS IS A MUST. Despite the description, we are two different people. How I envision it might be different. Photos REALLY HELP. Really. If I see it, I can get a sense of what you’re looking for and try to replicate that. Many times I’ve gotten pretty close :wink: IF you have a pinterest board WITH scenery or landscape, link it. If you don’t, don’t link it because pictures of people don’t help :confused:

If you want one that is like one of the examples I have, please let me know about that, too.

I know there’s a lot to this form, but this is so that I can deliver the best to you :blush: The more you have in the form, the better chance there is that I will make your graphic.

Now go forth and request! :smile:


some news or queue or something

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I’ll probably request later!

This is so cool tho:0

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Request when you’re ready :blush:

Thanks :wink:

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added more examples! :smile:

still open :wink:

Oh my god these are amazing! I would love to add one to the ‘artwork’ chapter of King. And I’ve been meaning to dive into Charmteller! Sorry I haven’t finished Pinti’s first book, but it’s definitely on my list!

Story title: King Eden
Story genre: Sci fi
The era of inspiration for the story: medieval, modern, Chinese empire, etc. Post-apocalyptic
Describe the scenery in detail: There’s one setting where King’s at home in her city, and it has a part above ground and a part below ground. The city on top has busted sky scrapers from like a thousand years ago and there’s a big forest growing in the middle of it, massive oak trees growing up through buildings and stuff. And it’s all overgrown and taken by the forest, vines in the streets and on the cracked towers, streets ripped up by roots, etc. But people live in it still. It’s inspired by Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Oh and all of it sits inside a gigantic crater, from the nuclear bombs all those years ago, so there’s massive trees growing into a gray sky, and then a wall of dirt all around it, like it’s all growing in the center of a meteor

And then below ground there is an underground city in a cavern, lit up by bioluminescent creatures, and there’s a waterfall too. And the skyscrapers of this one are upside down, pointing to the bottom of the cave. It’s inspired by Evangelion.

I’m really bad at descriptions sorry, but I do have a Pinterest board with all of this in it. Could I link it to you maybe? Here: King Eden

Let me know if this is something you might want to do. I have a little artwork page where I’ve been featuring stuff for King and I’d love to add your name to it. If you accept I’ll get started on payment right away!

Hi :slight_smile: Thank you for requesting. The way this goes is that I will make what I think I can. Then, I will deliver it. Based on that, you will choose one of the payment options.

So I took your request as two parts

  1. The post-apocalyptic city in a crater and with a big oak tree
  2. The upside down city with bioluminescent creatures and a waterfall

I have a question about the waterfall:
Does it come down from the upside down city into the cave floor? Or does it come out of a cave wall on the side into the cave floor? I may, or may not be able to make this one depending on the waterfall.

As for the first one, I have it here :smile:
Here’s a brief of my process if you need some more things to judge the graphic than just the graphic itself:

(Don’t feel obligated to read this. It’s okay if you’re not interested)

The Vision of the whole thing

Figuring out how to do a crater took a bit of thinking. I wasn’t sure from what ‘camera angle’ so to speak, I would take this. Are we in the city, looking up at walls? Or, are we looking down into the city from the top of the crater?

I had this vision that there is a crater and there is the city ruins inside. The issue now is how to crater. I couldn’t find good usable crater pics, or, rather, there were no crater pics at good angles where I could shove a city in there and it would be believable.

Of course, it’s going to look a little fake, but I wanted it to look a little believable at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Making the crater

I gathered pics of dried valleys, canyons, and dried valleys in canyons together to try to create a crater. Then, I used an actual crater to make the crater’s base where the city will sit.

Finally, I had the crater, then I made an ominous gray sky for some good dystopia and moved on to the city.

Making the dystopian/post-apocalyptic city

This was just finding ruined city pics and shaping them into the crater. Took a bit of time messing with shading because none of them matched the overall lighting of the craters.

Putting in trees and making an overgrown situation

I went around searching for trees to shove in. A great big oak tree in the middle as requested. I thought I might not be able to make the forest look over grown when I discovered something neat with trees :wink: So I went about dusting the city with greenery.

During all this, color correcting and making sure it looks like one thing. This includes shading.

This is the most layers I used for a project and possibly the most number of different pics.

Layers: 28
How many different pics I used: 10
Time consumed: 3 hours

Of course, it’s not going to look exactly real and neither will it meet your full expectations. I also put a less obnoxious watermark on the graphic :wink:

King Eden Scene City in the Crater 600x600

Please drag photo to new tab to download. It gets condensed here.

If you like it, please choose one of the payment options :slight_smile:

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what do you use to make these!


Oh hey you did so much! I’m sorry, I don’t have that artist brain and I’m so terrible with describing visual things (ironic, since my whole book is about doing that) but despite the crappy details I gave you, this looks really cool and you did a good job. Don’t worry about the waterfall underground stuff lol, this is great on its own. I’ll start on payment today :slight_smile:


Just PicMonkey :slight_smile:


I’m glad you like it :blush:

I had fun with it though. Now I can add “craters” to my menu thanks to you :wink:
And it’s fine if you don’t have an “artist brain”. I get graphic requests mainly from people that are clueless :stuck_out_tongue: I’m totally fine with it.

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Omw, I’m so excited to find this!

Story title: Land of the Silver Birch
Genre: Historical
Era: 1860s (Vermont, USA and Stanstead, Quebec)
Day, forboding, cloudy.
Yes mountains in the distance, Quebec is loaded with them
Silver birch trees, red clovers and fleur-de-lis; a lake can be nearby but not necessary
Farm (beef cattle)

Detailed description (as best I know how): average farm in either Vermont or Stanstead, grove in the back with the trees in it, forlorn looking, dismal autumn day even though the colors are brilliant. It’s war time, even the heavens are crying. You can put mountains in the distance if you’re able to, they could be dotted with autumn trees as Quebec is full of them (at least where I am). Close up by the farm you could sprinkle the flowers, maybe the clover by an old barn.

I’m going to insert my pinterest board:

Let me know the payment you require.


It sounds so beautiful! I love autumn! I must make this one! Just for inspiration, are you looking for scenes like this?

Inspirational wallpapers for me to make your manip
Oooh, pretty! Mountains like this or without snow?

Bovine like this? Cows dotting the pasture. This phrase tickles me ;)

lol, unrelated, but this is adorable. bunnyyyy

okay, sorry, back on track. Dark like this? Darker?

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Ooooh so pretty!!! All that but no snow on the mountains :slightly_smiling_face:

Gotta ask… Do you do maps too?

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Got it!

No, sorry, I wish I could! :frowning: I’ve always wanted to.

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They’re so cool. But that’s ok. You’ve still got tons of talent

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@sonjaebersole Idk why I didn’t realize this before. You’re the exact person who also requested a cover XD I… didn’t notice until now XD

Okay, so you probably saw in the cover request thread. I’m swamped with things to do for my professor so it’s going to be a while. But I’ve been thinking about how it would all go together (along with the cover :wink: ) so I might be able to get them done close to each other.

I’m hoping (very intensely) that I can do it this coming weekend.

For this scenery manipulation, only do payment after you see the final results :slight_smile: I don’t want you to be “paying” for something you don’t want in the end.

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sounds perfect. I don’t need to cover anymore but the scene would be great whenever you have time have no fear it’s only coming out in November so you have plenty of time really :slight_smile:

I have a question. Are you able to include objects other than buildings? There’s a a cave full of giant (like taller than a person) hourglasses and trees in my story and I’d love art of it