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Hello, I’m Seci:) I kinda need practice on making graphics and banners, so request whatever!

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✧ Be patient
✧ Fill out the form correctly, or else I will not accept it
✧ I can decline a request if it is difficult
✧ You can ask for as many minor revisions on covers and banners
✧ Up to 3 covers and 5 banners per person

Brands & Trends (43)

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Cover Form

♪ Title:
♪ Author:
♪ Subtitle/Quote: optional
♪ Color scheme: optional
♪ Inspo pics: optional
♪ your ideas:
♪ Genre:
♪ Other: optional

Banner Form

♪ Subtitle/other text: optional
♪ Picture inspos (if you have any):
♪ Your ideas: optional
♪ Color scheme: optional
♪ Banner type (chapter banner, thank you, etc.):
♪ Other: optional



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♪ Title: Her words
♪ Author: Amellia King
♪ Subtitle/Quote: None
♪ Color scheme: Any you think fits!
♪ Inspo pics:

♪ your ideas: Night or evening with sillhoutes
♪ Genre: Romance, slice-of-life
♪ Other: Thanks if you accept! ^^

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I’ll try my best to do this:) thank you for requesting!

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I tried my best to make it look pretty, if you want any changes just let me know!


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That is beautiful! Thanks, perfectly the way I imagined. =)

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No problem:)

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Good luck with your shop! I might order a banner a few seconds later. :eyes:

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Ooh, thank you!

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♪ Subtitle/other text: Glowing Galaxies
♪ Picture inspos: Sorry I tried to find some but I wasn’t able to. >.<
♪ Your ideas: A galaxy theme, you can add anything you like, like planets or stars.
♪ Color scheme: Pink, blue and purple.
♪ Banner type (chapter banner, thank you banner etc): Just like a chapter banner but with Glowing Galaxies written on it instead.
♪ Other: Good luck and most importantly, have fun! :heart:

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I love Galaxy themed things! I’ll get to it right away:)

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This was super fun to do!


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I really love your banners and covers!

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Thank you! If you have any ideas, you’re welcome to keep requesting:)

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♪ Title: The World Without You
♪ Author: Alyssa Sky
♪ Subtitle/Quote: None
♪ Color scheme: Mostly blacks and greys
♪ Inspo pics: canva-monochrome-thriller-wattpad-cover-FqBb2Pq1Eug-1

♪ your ideas: Dark colors and depressing
♪ Genre: Sad
♪ Other: Sorry for requesting so much, it’s a lot of fun xD. Just remember to take your time and that you don’t have to make them right now or today, do it whenever you feel like it even if its a month after!

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I’ll see if I can do this:)

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♪ Title: Coffee Beans and Morning Musings
♪ Author: Brandon Delacroix
♪ Subtitle/Quote: N/A
♪ Color scheme: sepia, light, green, brown
♪ Inspo pics:

♪ your ideas: a book cover mostly depicting a busy café in the morning, preferably a drawing rather than an actual picture. Maybe you can show the window side of the café? Also, maybe an elegant and swirly font would be nice.
♪ Genre: general fiction/new adult
♪ Other: nothing else, I guess

(I can make two more requests if you want)



I don’t know If I’m able to do this but I’ll try, you can make more request!


♪ Title: All’s Fair in Love and Baking

♪ Author: Fondness_Fantasies

♪ Subtitle/Quote: None

♪ Color scheme: Anything you think fits

♪ Inspo pics:

♪ your ideas:
Have the girl and guy in the background of a bakery having their backs against each other and I would like for the characters to look like the picture I posted above.

♪ Genre: Chicklit and slow burn romance

♪ Other: Thanks if you accept!