Select a title for my second story! Choose wisely! (POLLS)

Okay, alright, here we go!

I am going to tackle two novels called Red Reign and a nameless second story.

Idea for the second novel:

This is focuses on the Steelcrest Dynasty who started from the bottom and rose to absolute fame as they became ranked number one of the Twenty Dynasties. However, this story mainly focuses on Nixora who is the heiress of the Steelcrest Dynasty and her daily struggles and marvelous adventures as a Steelcrest heir along with other things affecting the family that are both good and bad. Still, the Steelcrest family never falters and continues to stay number 1. This is their story.

Choose a great title that best fits the idea that I am going for.

  • The Steel Dynasty.
  • House of Steel.
  • Steelcrest: Gold Supremacy.
  • Black and Royal Gold: A Steelcrest Story.
  • Other (explain in the comment section)

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Again, choose wisely!

The one with the most votes is the winner.


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