Share the first paragraph / first line from your story to procrastinate with me

Peter does not like it when I call him a ghost: I suppose it reminds him of the unfortunate fate of his love affair.


No matter how many times I do this walk of shame, it will never get old or any less embarrassing.


It was when Nev, naked as he came, licked her toes and pleaded for death that Lorelei knew the love spell had gone wrong.


What??? XD

No, don’t tell me. I’m just confused and intrigued.

“Kariss, that was so dumb. Are you trying to become the goddess of dumbfucks?!”

I have this in a file, stating at me, and I’ve no idea what it’s going to do.

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Probably just continue staring.

Yeah, I put it in the file because I had this smartass comment come to mind randomly and I didn’t want to lose it because it’s not quite what I’d normally say.

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