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Original Sin

In the Garden of Eden, Eve listened to a snake and ate the forbidden fruit. Because of this action, they were banished. This is the story everyone was lead to believe, but it’s only half the truth. There was Adam and Even, and then there was their daughter, Dinah. Dinah was perfect, so perfect that an Angel, taken with her beauty and charm, fell madly in love- Lucifer. It was forbidden love. It caused a fall from grace unlike anything the universe had ever known.
Lucifer is forced to serve God by carrying damned souls to Hell. Dinah is granted immortality as a human. However, their immortal, passionate love spells terror for the rest of humanity, bringing death and destruction whenever and wherever they meet. After 10,000 years, Dinah has had enough and she must find a way to break the curse. But what will it cost to fix a broken world?

Subgenres: History, Action/Adventure, Paranormal, a slight touch of Romance
Trigger Warnings: Graphic violence and gore, Attempted sexual assault
Target Audience: New Adult
Mature: Yes
Status: Complete

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Forgotten Life

“In a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.” -Plato, 360 B.C.
Violet discovers she is the last remaining descendant of the forgotten kingdom of Atlantis. The city was a gateway, a portal between the Heavens and Earth. Her ancestors guarded the portal against evils that roamed in Hell. Until they were inexplicably destroyed by a force that once again threatens to emerge from the its Purgatory prison and lay waste to Heaven.
Is it Violet’s responsibility to take up her parents’ duty and defend mortals against the monsters that run out of the gateway? Should she face the same evil that killed her parents years before? Can she bring herself to accept that everything she knows and even the person she loves may abandon her at any time?
And most importantly… Is this all just in her head?

Subgenres: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, a touch of Romance
Trigger Warnings: Graphic violence and gore, Mentions of self-harm and suicide
Target Audience: New Adult
Mature: Yes
Status: Ongoing (Just released!)

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A Story less told:

Genre: Fantasy, magic

Trigger warning: light language, fantasy violence

Book 1 of 2 of the “Legend of Adrian Michael Greggarious”

In an age of gods and dragons, where man is merely a pawn of the deities, a drifter of mysterious origin searches for where he belongs. A humble blacksmith with an unnatural mastery of the blade, begins a quest to unravel the mystery of what he is, who he will become, and his part in an ancient prophesy. Hero or villain, Adrian Michael Greggarious of Gnor (commonly known as Greg) embarks on a path few dare to travel, with the balance of power in the ancient world resting on the tip of his sword. A world of magic, dragons, and dark forces stands in his way, as heroes far and wide unite under the banner of change, as Greg follows his own path of revenge. Along the way, he meets friend and foe, a fearless Dwarf with his honor to prove, a young girl with strange abilities, and a suit of armor that just wants to live free. He faces mythical challenges to learn what he is truly made of, and that destiny is what you make if it, what you forge for yourself, not what the prophets tell you to be. Join the tale, a story less told and lost to time, for vengeance, power, glory and the answer to one question: Can you really slay a god, or are we all just slaves to their will?