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The Gifted Blood Trilogy | Book One Blood Will Tell
subgenres: high fantasy, contemporary fantasy, new adult
trigger warnings: graphic violence and large amounts of gore
status: ongoing
mature rating: rated mature for violence and gore
links: click here to read it on Wattpad. click here to read it on Wacky Writers.
other info: rated for high schoolers and older
There is no bigger gamble than bringing a stranger into your own home.

In the realm of Idelhen, there are two types of people: ordinaries, like you and me; and gifteds, who have special abilities. Though most gifteds use their powers to protect the people around them, a few have more sinister intentions in mind.

Damon the Demonic has been terrorizing the realm for years, using sorcery to mold monsters out of stone and shadow. Arden is the only gifted capable of defeating him. However, with Damon growing stronger over time, some fear that he will soon become invincible.

Until Arden discovers Edin, a gifted whom she found lying unconscious in the middle of nowhere. Empty of memories and with no home to return to, Arden takes him under her wing and trains him to become a guardian. His sheer strength gives hope to people longing for Damon’s demise. However, as Edin’s past reveals itself, some wonder whether Arden should have left him for dead.

The Other Realms Series | Book One The Secret Land of Otrâlmondé
subgenres: portal fantasy, contemporary fantasy, young adult
trigger warnings: contains not-so graphic descriptions of death
status: completed
mature rating: not mature
other info: rated for those aged thirteen and older. click the title to read on Wattpad.
The quietest towns always hold the most magical secrets.

That was what thirteen-year-old Stella learned when she was sent to stay with her Aunt Celestine during the summer. During her stay in the sleepy town of Oppidula, Celestine gives Stella an heirloom bracelet. She fastens it around her wrist and makes her promise to not take it off.

Soon, Stella learns that there is more to the bracelet than its family legacy. A morning stroll around the small town and a chance encounter with two new friends reveals secrets beyond her imagination.

First, Oppidula hides a portal to another world.

Second, her bracelet gives her powers.

And third, she’s not the only one with such jewelry.

Under the tutelage of a group of elders, Celestine included, Stella and her new friends embark on a journey to master their powers. However, not everyone is happy to know that a few humans have access to abilities. One of them is hell-bent on stopping them entirely—and last time, he was very close to doing so.

Featured by the Wattpad YAFantasy profile (“High Fantasy” reading list) – September 24, 2021 Featured by the Wattpad Fantasy profile (“Quick Reads” reading list) – September 27, 2021

The Other Realms Series | Book Two The Hidden World of Nitea
subgenres: portal fantasy, contemporary fantasy, young adult
trigger warnings: none
status: completed
mature rating: not mature
other info: rated for those aged thirteen and older. click the title to read on Wattpad.
Actions, well-intended or not, have consequences. Some of them may be deathly.

One year after the events that happened at Otrâlmondé, the trio reunites in Paris to spend the summer together. When they’re not busy sightseeing with their families or hanging out in Eddie’s home, the three would head to Nitea to further their training. It seemed that their vacation would go about normally—minus the realm-hopping.

Until a hidden curse turns a human girl into glass. And it might be Eddie’s fault.

With only two weeks to spare before the curse becomes permanent, the trio and their allies go on a scavenger hunt to find a cure. However, with their relatives close by to watch their every move, leaving Earth and coming back unnoticed will not be easy. Will the trio manage to break the curse in time, and do so without getting caught?

The Other Realms Series | Book Three The Forgotten Kingdom of Draconyn
subgenres: portal fantasy, contemporary fantasy, young adult
trigger warnings: none
status: ongoing
mature rating: not mature
other info: rated for those aged thirteen and older. click the title to read on Wattpad.
Some things are better left buried.

Two years after the events of The Hidden World of Nitea, the Realm Seekers reunite for their first official mission: accompany a royal on a top-secret journey. They first head to the Kingdom of Serpania to meet with Princess Selenia. After gathering in a private room, away from unwanted ears, the Princess divulges the remaining details surrounding their trip.

The Kingdom of Draconyn was a once-prosperous land inhabited by dragon shifters. Thousands of years ago, a group of mages sealed Draconyn under a powerful curse. The kingdom has since been barren, forgotten, and even wiped from history. The trio and Princess Selenia are to find Draconyn’s remains and break the curse. After a lengthy briefing, the princess makes them promise to not tell anyone of their plans.

They soon set out, accompanied by a few of the princess’s guards and servants. As the trio and Princess Selenia make their way to the cursed kingdom, a mysterious group of mages continually pursues them, determined to stop them at all costs. However, when a clash between the two parties results in both sides claiming hostages, the trio begins to wonder if there was a good reason why Draconyn was sealed in the first place. Will they aid the princess or abandon their mission?