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Title: Prisoners of Love
Book Cover:

Subgenres: romance, new adult, chick lit
Blurb: For Juniper Stephens, her life completely changed when she woke up in a hospital bed and diagnosed with amnesia.
The only thing Juniper is sure of is that she was in the middle of a call to her friend Ethan when her car crashed.

With no home of her own, Ethan takes her in and tries to help her recover her memories so she can work out who she was and build a new life of her own.

When Juniper’s therapist suggests a form of therapy in volunteering, she signs up to become a penpal to prisoners. Juniper doesn’t expect to start creating a bond with her new penpal, Aiden.

Little does she know the key to unlocking her long lost memories lies in her new friend.

Target Audience: New Adult
Mature: No
Trigger Warnings: None
Link: Clicky clicky

Title: Vanishing Acts

Book Cover:

Subgenres: mystery and a little romance


Having a child at seventeen years old was never part of Adelina’s plan; but when she found out she was expecting a child by her best friend, life as she knew it, changed.

Quinn was eleven when she was told John was not her father. She wasn’t surprised, and she was even less surprised when her mother told her that her ‘Uncle’ Isaac was actually her biological father.

It had been a year since Quinn had disappeared without so much as a note the day after she had turned sixteen years old. Her disappearance had taken its toll on Adelina, and her marriage, which was already on the brink. She had just about given up hope, when a surprise on the internet leads her to believe that her daughter was alive and in what she would consider a worse fate than death.
Adelina’s discovery leads her to question exactly how well did she know her own daughter?

Target Audience: New Adult

Mature: (yes/no) Yes

Trigger Warnings: none - but there are adult themes like sex, but nothing triggering

Link: Clicky Clicky

The Shattered Series

Title: Shattered

Book Cover:

Subgenres: Suspense, New Adult, Romance

Blurb: What would you do if you found out the love of your life wasn’t as perfect as you thought he was?

Hollie loved words; she had since she could remember. It was something that ostracised her from everyone around her and forced her parents to disown her. That was, until she met Jack.

Sam had been Jack’s best friend for four years, and Hollie’s for two. When he had met Hollie, there had been undeniable chemistry between them that everyone around them could see.

Determined to be happy with Jack, Hollie ignored her feelings for Sam and carved out what she thought was the perfect life with Jack.

Little did she know that it would be far from perfect and she would feel more trapped than she ever had before.

Hollie soon learns that the perfect life she thought she had carved for herself was never really perfect at all, and that Jack was not the perfect man she thought he was when Jack is arrested on suspicion of rape.

With no idea what to believe or where to turn, she finds a new meaning of feeling alone.

That is, until Sam becomes the saviour she never knew she needed.

Target Audience: New Adult

Mature: (yes/no) Yes

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of rape, domestic violence - TW appears in author note

Link: Book 1

Title: Fractured

Book Cover:

Subgenres: Suspense, New Adult

Blurb: How far would you go to ensure justice is served?

After finally finding out the truth about her ex-fiancé’s abusive past, Hollie thought she had finally freed herself from his hold and started a happier life with Sam. However, history starts repeating itself when Jack becomes the suspect in another rape investigation.

When Jack was acquitted, it was the best day of his life. Finding out his best friend and his ex-fiancé were living together and in a relationship was one of the worst days of Jack’s life. Drowning his sorrows in another relationship, Jack finds himself right back where he started: being accused of rape. With no one around him to support him, he runs to Hollie for help.

Hollie is desperate not to get involved when Jack reappears in her life, and she vows to herself not to let herself drown in Jack’s manipulative ways when he pleads his innocence to her.
Something she doesn’t expect is to find herself deep in the middle of the investigation and her happy new life with Sam is compromised.

Knowing she has only one way out, Hollie decides to fight for the justice she and Jack’s other victims deserved from the start, and along the way finds herself questioning just how far she would go in the name of justice against everything Jack has ever done.

Target Audience: New Adult

Mature: (yes/no) Yes

Trigger Warnings: mentions of domestic violence, rape, self harm, sexual content (TW appears in authors note)

Link: Book 2

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