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Title: Falling For Juliet
Subgenres: Urban Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance
Blurb: Is there anything worse than being a teenager? How about being an awkward teenage girl with a magical ability?

Falling for Juliet is a quirky story about Naomi Shaw, a girl who is known to be clumsy, shy, intelligent, and prefers to be in her animal form rather than her human form. When she isn’t doing homework, she spends most of her free time alone in her bedroom reading or outside enjoying the earth under her paws.

It’s her junior year of high school, where she meets Juliet Armstrong, a girl who ultimately turns Naomi’s world upside down. With this new found friendship, Naomi sheds her passiveness, and encounters a lot of things she’s never dealt with before. Sharing these experiences together brings Naomi and Juliet even closer, and a new bond progresses quickly, becoming an intense romantic connection!

New love is great, but it tends to travel with baggage-

Can Naomi handle this baggage?
Target Audience: YA, NA
Mature: (yes/no) Yes
Trigger Warnings: Possibly
Link: Please Enjoy :slight_smile: