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Title: Musings of an Anxious Mind
Book Cover:

Subgenres: Young Adult
Blurb: A small book made up of poetry I’ve written throughout the years ~ 20+ years ~
I’ll be adding them as I find them, since I didn’t get them all typed up like I’d wanted, and I’m being lazy about getting them up as I keep bouncing from project to project.

Most were written while still in my teens and going through a lot, aside from the normal teenage woes of school and social life, or lack thereof. There were many that were never finished, and just as many that never got dated.
Target Audience: New Adult
Mature: Yes
Trigger Warnings: Strong Language, Talk of Abuse, etc
Link: Wattpad - Musings of an Anxious Mind

an assortment of poems from the depths of my mind, they flutter free subgenres: narrative, free verse, anthology
ongoing. not mature. no trigger warnings. click the title to read.

An assortment of poems. These poems were inspired by personal experiences, miscellaneous musings, and feelings that have long lingered in me.

Highest Genre Rank: #60 in poetry on Wattpad

an assortment of sonnets sonnets from a silent heart subgenres: sonnet, anthology
ongoing. not mature. no trigger warnings. click the title to read.

A collection of sonnets. Written by a prose writer who had just begun her journey as a poet.

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