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To Like A💙Man

A test analyst head-butts a CEO’s sports car; love slams into their hearts.

Bradley James found himself working for a company called T-Strike. After he had accidentally head-butt the open door of a sports car belonging to the company’s CEO, Adrian Masters.

Their fateful meeting triggered a path for Adam Thornton. A man intent to destroy Adrian’s reputation to keep Bradley by his side.

Adam’s actions are capable of destroying more than reputations. Bradley’s ability to love anyone is in danger of being damaged beyond repair, with mistrust and betrayal as his deep-rooted truths.

Being surrounded by schemers and desperadoes won’t make love affairs easy in this boys love story within an ICT corporate world.

Subgenres: BL, Boys Love, Slice of Life, CEO, LGBTQ+
Target Audience: New Adult
Mature: No
Trigger Warnings: A couple of NSFW sex scenes in later chapters.
Link: To Like A*Man by Veronica8 full book limited free - Webnovel Official
| To Like A♥Man - LGBT+ - Tapread webnovel - Your Fictional Stories Hub

Title: 18
Book Cover:

Subgenres: New adult

After suffering a heartbreak caused by no explanation, Dylan Miller does everything she can to forget about Hunter Grayson.

That all changes after 18 months, when the two finally meet again. Except this time is nothing like the past.

Secrets and lies won’t be able to cover the truth much longer.

“Hello again, Angel.”

Target Audience: New adult
Mature: (yes/no) Yes (ish)
Trigger Warnings: Just some mature language here and there and a couple of zesty scenes
Link: 18 - normalsandwich - Wattpad

Book Cover:

Subgenres: New Adult

What happens when an ex-boyband member stumbles into a rundown bar?

He meets a mysterious girl with vibrant pink hair who turns his world upside down.

(extended synopsis included in the introduction)

Target Audience: New Adult
Mature: (yes/no) Yes
Trigger Warnings: Drug use, language, sexual content
Link: HEADLINE - normalsandwich - Wattpad