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Title: Twisted Revelations

Book Cover:

Subgenres: Chick lit, new adult, drama


For Autumn Stewart, life had been easy: her mum was wealthy, she had a loving boyfriend, and she was on track to getting a place at university.

That was until her mother comes home and tells her she’s gotten married in secret. What shocks her even more is a drunken secret her mum lets slip one night and makes her promise to keep to herself.

Little does Autumn know that her mother’s secret will drag more than just drama to her door: it brings her ex-boyfriend, Damien, along with it.

Autumn’s life begins a downward descent into drama and chaos, and she doesn’t know how to stop it or where to turn. She only knows one thing for certain: her life could not get any harder after her mother’s revelation.

Target Audience: new adult, adult

Mature: (yes/no) No

Trigger Warnings: none

Link: clicky click

Title: Confession at the Altar

Book Cover:

Subgenres: chick lit, general fiction

Blurb: Brooke Jackson thought she had everything: a fulfilling job, the home she’d always wanted and the perfect fiancé.

When a woman shows up at the altar to reveal a shocking secret about her fiancé, things start spiralling out of control.

As Brooke attempts to navigate her fiancé’s dirty past, plus her best friend’s shocking confession, she realises that everything she thought was perfect, isn’t and it all started with a single confession at the altar.

Target Audience: new adult, young adult, adult

Mature: (yes/no) No

Trigger Warnings: No

Link: Confession at the Altar - Alex ☕️ - Wattpad

Title: My Blossoming Redemption


Subgenres: New adult, chick lit, general fiction

Blurb: Aspen Watkins grew up in a devout Christian family, despite not believing herself. When she falls pregnant at eighteen by her boyfriend, Joel, they are forced to wed by her family so they can atone for their sin.

Two years later, Joel is taken ill. Aspen soon learns that he’s been lying to her since they met - he actually has a life-limiting condition. She quickly learns that it’s not just Joel that the disease affects and the sins they thought they’d atoned for come back to haunt them both.

Aspen finds an empathetic ear in the form of her husband’s nurse, Nicholas Knight, who also had a surprising link to her life. He has her questioning everything she ever knew and helps her separate her past from her present.

When tragedy strikes, Aspen learns that in order to move on, she needs to shake off the shackles of her past and find a new meaning of life after loss along with a new family who accept her for who she is.

Target Audience: new adult

Mature: No

Trigger Warnings: none

Link Clicky clicky

Title: Perfectly Unexpected

Book Cover:

Subgenres: New Adult, General Fiction


Tabitha had only known love twice in her life. She was abandoned by one of them, and married the other. Now the lines between them have become blurred.

After a turbulent four years of marriage, Tabitha and Tyler Hunter learn they can’t have children because Tyler is infertile. The devastating news isn’t the only thing Tabitha finds. Gray, her childhood sweetheart and long-lost best friend, is a nurse at the fertility clinic.

After confiding in Gray about her and Tyler’s troubles, he offers her help to become a mother. However, Tabitha finds herself torn between her marriage and her want to be a mother, along with long buried feelings for Gray resurfacing.

Target Audience: New Adult

Mature: (yes/no) No

Trigger Warnings: None

Link: Clicky Clicky

Title: The Burden of Us

Book Cover:

Subgenres: General fiction, new adult


Ella Webb was never destined to be free.

When she turned sixteen, Ella’s present was an engagement to Dean, her childhood best friend. Desperate for time to get out of her arranged marriage and live the life she wanted, she bargained for a three-year reprieve to go and get an education before marrying Dean when she graduated.

Falling in love with someone else was never Ella’s intention. Yet she allows herself to fall deep into the rabbit hole of forbidden love and hidden family secrets that Ella wished had stayed buried, but might be the key to setting herself free.

Target Audience: New Adult

Mature: (yes/no) No

Trigger Warnings: None

Link: Clicky Clicky

Title: Delicate Bond

Subgenres: Romance, Fantasy

In a world where werewolves secretly co-exist with humans, it quite common for werewolves to reject their soulmates in hopes to find a partner with a better status.

Unfortunately for Evelyn Bonnet, she is one of the werewolves that have been rejected by their soulmate but that didn’t stop her from becoming the pack’s diplomat. When a delegation of sirens came to visit her pack, she felt unexplainable attraction towards Prince Kai who was one of the visitors. After they got to know each other, Evelyn receives an unexpected marriage proposal from Prince Kai, that she accepts.

As Evelyn and Kai proceed into married life at the Nauloria Empire. Meanwhile, werewolves are waiting to know the chosen King’s name. After waiting for two years the name of the King has been revealed and now the selection of the Queen has started. Princess Evelyn received an invitation to become a judge for the selection of the Queen.

Except, how can Evelyn judge the future Queen of Werewolves when she is the soulmate of the chosen King?

Link: Delicate Bond - Little_Dreamerz - Wattpad