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Subgenres: mystery, YA

Blurb: As I seemed to regain consciousness, a billion questions rushed through me, and I blinked at the lifeless body like it could give me an answer.
When did I choose to pull the trigger? Where did this gun come from? What led me to this place at this exact moment? Who was I to do something like that?
But maybe it all came down to one question: Why did love put a gun in my hand?

When Dorothy Ducan doesn’t have her school books or her pompoms in her hands, she’s always left with the promise ring her boyfriend has given her.
So how can she end up with a gun?

The answer lies somewhere between heartbreak, betrayal, secrets, a journey to find herself, and her encounter with a mysterious bad boy.

The Summer 1962 will be exceptionally hot, sultry, wild, and it will change Dorothy’s life forever. Maybe not only hers…

If you dare, come join this sexy and dangerous romance to find the answer to this simple question: Why did love put a gun in my hand?

Target Audience: +18
Mature: yes
Trigger Warnings: sex scenes, mentions of drug and violence, and of course: guns
Link: GUN IN MY HAND - Mandy - Wattpad