Should I retitle this book?(MxM Paranormal Rom Com but it's Demented)

The current title is Unhappy Medium. The title a hold over from a much earlier, possibly more interesting story about a down on his luck everyman who gets powers when a demon possessed him.
Might revisit that later, but the current concept is that the most mad artist on planet earth artist gets an escaped demon that follows him around and eventually they begin to tolerate each other. I can’t say I have much in terms of plot, as it was always meant to be somewhat episodic and goes to the craziest places. Like a demented cartoon, a good demented cartoon.

I feel that Unhappy Medium is not the proper title for this book. The pun is very clever, but it has little to do with mediumship now that the possession plot has decreased in importance.

Vote for what you think is best! I like the concept of giving the reader a subversion of expectations early into the book, helped by the cover design and title. They came in expecting “Love, Simon” but what they got was “Regular Show” mixed with “The Lesser Key of Solomon”!

  • Unhappy Medium
  • Something Creative
  • Something Expected but Misleading
  • Other

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Name should try come from either the focal point of the plot or the most iconic scene in the book…


The Artist and The People who Hate Him?

I’d at least try to find out what that’s about more than I would Unhappy Medium.

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