Should the investigator have their own POV?

So! Last night I was walking down a scary underpass and my drunken writer brain came up with a story. In it the central character is dead. The story opens with them leaving the party speaking with one of the MCs and refusing a ride home.

On the way home they made 4 calls because they got spooked when they notice someone follows them. The story is 3rd person so we know what she is thinking and feeling up until she dies.

After she dies all 4 people have to live with the guilt of not answering her call. Public scrutiny and some even suspicion because it’s clear the person who killed her. I’m unsure if I want flashbacks like them remembering the central or just leave them as the okay this is what connects them. I’m also not sure if I want to focus on the aftermath or during the investigation.

Right now I’m wondering should I create a detective role? Like they’re all going to turn on each other cause duh but should I have a detective POV like they all have something to hide should I have someone who is digging around for the killer or should I keep it with them and the reader outside the investigaton. Right now it’s 4 POV

Sister: Was too busy/tired to answer and texted instead. Told her she was being dramatic.

Best friend: Was studying for the bar exam.

Co-worker: Offered to take her home but she didn’t want to. When she called again his secret hook-up told him ignore it.

Husband: He was off cheating and wouldn’t find out until he saw the police looking for him on the news.

Should there be a cop :thinking:


Tough call. If it’s obvious from the start who the killer is, maybe not, since the book wouldn’t be about solving the mystery, negating the need for a POV dedicated to guiding us through the clues.
If it is supposed to be a mystery, though, then an investigator POV may be more justified. But five POVs is a lot to juggle. It’s possible that revealing the bits and pieces of the mystery might be better handled through the three innocents and one guilty dropping hints here and there. In this particular case, you could even introduce the detective POV at the climax as a sort of stand-in for the reader revealing the whole picture.

Anyway, yeah, depends on what kind of story you’re telling.


I like the idea of having an investigator track the story through all the characters she tried to talk to. Like someone to guide the narration through and reveal what happened.


Nope they all get voicemails but the MC knew she was going to die so she kept her phone running and described what she could see to her husband before they caught her but it’s a man, Average hight, average build, pointed nose, wearing a hood on Halloween. Basically the first drafter chapter ends with her trying to make it to the next station and saying she didn’t. The rest told by their perspectives via news coverage and the message she left as she died but you know you’re getting murdered so you can’t exactly keep describing things.

I’m unsure if I want it to be a cold case and her husband gets obsessed or something else. I know I want the case to go cold cause they’re all not being completely honest.

Killer isn’t a main character its someone one of them knew I was going to do it random but I drafted it out and this person had to know where she was going and how to corner her.

Still unsure if I want it to be solved :thinking: first I thought have them all find out. Have coworker not say he saw her. He didn’t know why she called. Have BFF pretend to be sleeping. Have sister only honest one so parents hate her since center character was always the fav and husband just plain lies cause he was a shit and he knows it. The killer is going to be someone she mentioned to them all and the Co-worker noticed but since she was like (the entire chapter she is alive its her ignoring her intuition telling herself not to react because she hated making a scene) its fine just saying they didn’t think about it.

Helps :pleading_face:


Ooo :eyes: yes I really didn’t think of it like that my dumb brain was like Drama have them put pressure but hello duh they need to solve the murder. Or try


Yes. See if it can be solved with what they know. Who the person she thought was following her might be, put some pressure on the other characters.


I have a story that’s sort of similar to this. It’s written in first person with the ghost as the main character. She doesn’t remember how she was killed, and her BFF is the chief suspect. The cop who arrives on the scene is also the ex-boyfriend of my MC. My MC chooses to investigate her own murder. She follows her best friend and her suspects. The cop ex-boyfriend also investigates. I kept it all in my MC’s point of view, with her following them around, and I was careful to limit what she was privy to…but it also required coming up with a way for her to communicate those findings to the authorities when the time came.

As far as your story, it really depends on your story. If you think having the detective’s POV will strengthen the story, then go for it, but make sure s/he has his/her own voice.


Oh I had something like this but they remember they just can’t cross over because they won’t be at peace until their true story is told and not what the serial killer said it was a lot lol

I love that

So the more I plot the more the detective makes sense but Idk what to name them so im like is this a sign I don’t need them? I was talking about it on Twitter and decided that he was going to fall In love with the idea of her which makes him take things really personal about the case and cloud his judgment. He never met her though just looked into her life and the people around her specifically the ones who lied (the four who didn’t answer her call) She’s only in there via memories mentions and im thinking maaaaaybe a drunken hallucination for the Detective but not sure yet because I think I know who I want to have done it but kinda also want it to be a cold case

You can reveal it to the audience but leave it a cold case.

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Ooo that sounds good. Should I do it at story start end or middle cause I know who the killer is, and I know who im making look guilty but how should I go about “Yeah, this one is right this one is wrong” cause there is meant to be a fight between the two suspects which gives the cops their DNA but I could just take it out.

The split would feel best, to me, as the climax of the story.

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