Show me your art!

How is this not very good. It’s super good! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sock Bunny senpai wears epic pizza socks today. He’s nailing it each time. He’s not Sock Bunny senpai for nothing.


ahh thank you enna!!
i’ve loved seeing your progress through the months :')

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Thanks, I’ve been trying hard :grin:


Here’s a vector style of my character Scotch.

And his frenemy Christoph.

These two together took 3 hours to draw.


I don’t draw much anymore, but this just came up in my timeline:


Friends and Bubbles

While everyone is smiling, the cat is mesmerized.


This gives me joy

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Yay :grin:

I tried my hand at painting. Like, with real acrylic paints. Digital is definitely easier for me. There’s no undo button in real life.


really messy character sketch, i ended up liking his placeholder scribble face so i colored it for practice funsies which i liked as well :eye:u :eye:


“Sitting by the Fire”: I drew it for beartober22 on IG using Procreate. I’m getting the hang of Procreate.


That looks so good :open_mouth: I also like the scribble look :wink:

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thank you! yeah its a really messy sketch, i plan to eventually line it which i dread lol
i’m happy to see you constantly improving in procreate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Your drawings are adorable, and you’ve improved a lot :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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The dreadful lining… I’ve been playing video essays in the background when I do it. Keeps me interested.

And thanks :grin: I think I’m getting a better feel of it and finding brushes and styles that I like to use. I downloaded a whole bunch of brushes for free, but I’m not using most of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

Eventually, I’ll get back to my creature drawings in that other thread :wink:

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I feel like I don’t have time for drawing what I want but I’ve been learning a lot in art class tbh

Lil Dtiys

Sketches and OCs!!

Some characters from my story~ you can tell Lilith is my fav lmao

Random redraws of my OCs to see my improvement

A loose sketch warmup that kinda reminds me of Alina from Shadow and Bone

Tw: Gore/blood/violence, nudity (but everything’s covered! Just no clothes), religious trauma below

Drawings for art class (tbh it's basically just Vicious Fanart) :D

Initial sketch ideas

Progress (lineart and background)

Finished product!! It’s Victor, my Fav character, I really like adding a lot of symbolism to my pieces now (probably because my art class requires me to lmaoo)

This is from January 2022 of the same character!! Compared to the top, I feel like I improved a lot ngl

sketch ideas (this time it’s Eli, another character in Vicious)

Initial sketch for my project, it’s very messy lol

Finished piece!! I tried going for a more rendered look :)) dunno if it’s possible to understand what I’m trying to convey-

Basically what I’m doing for this class:

My next sketch idea for my next project! Didn’t have my iPad atm so I had to struggle through perspective on paper and it sucked so bad but I got the general idea down ig


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