Silly question time: If your character was a dish or laundry detergent which would they be and why?

Have fun you guys! Try to think really hard about this one.

Also, select any character of your choosing from any of your current or older stories.

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I’ll go with Mallo here


Is Mallo soft and cuddly? LOL!

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He’s cute but kind of weird and creepy.

I imagine that someone is creeped out by snuggles.


Interesting. LOL!

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I don’t know what brand did this, but I started cackling immediately:

The slogan:
“A life full of whiteness”

It’s probably for some bleaching agent. But it suits Rachael from Begging is for Losers because due to being disguised most her life, she thinks she’s white.

So yeah, about fell out my chair this morning.


There are a lot of banned laundry detergent ads. A LOT.

But this is simply a hilarious dub!

Does a steam cleaner count?

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If you can’t use it to clean your clothes, I don’t think it counts