So… I did a thing. Anyone else do the thing? (In regards to Wacky Writers website).

I’m not entirely too sure where to put this, so I’m so sorry mods! If it is in the wrong place, feel free to put it where it belongs! I just thought I put this here because it does talk about social media (I think? Lol)

Anywho… I recently found out that Wacky Writers created a writing/reading section of their website where you can write and read other people’s stories! I heard that it recently got out of beta and it’s up for all to see! :yum:

I was honestly super ecstatic because I haven’t been able to find anywhere else to post stories to (like novellas and novels) besides Wattpad. And while I’m sure I’m not gonna be super active on Wacky’s writing website, I’m hoping it’ll help propel me back into reading online both there and on Wattpad. I don’t go on Wattpad much anymore besides checking notifications…

A part of this is because of my work schedule and life at home: it’s busy, and I don’t have time to read online when I’m also reading a book offline. :sob:

But I’m hoping to change that! :sweat_smile:

So… did anyone do the same thing and create an account with Wacky? Or did you just find out and you’re not sure yet?


I have an account there too. I’ve only posted an excerpt there so far, but I plan to be more active there in the future.


Have an account, posted chapter one. Don’t know when chapter two will come, due to my busy as heck schedule.

  1. Did you think about getting a website reading app for your phone so you can hear books as you commute?

It’s how my brother and father travel.

  1. Just joined on there, and am currently dumping my “dead ends” on there, with a hope that it will get me back into them. Got to edit them before posting so those will likely be made public by September.

Those will all be under “Excerpts”.

  1. I currently have up 2 “chapters” of background pictures for book covers for GENERIC cover use. Will have a 3rd one go public, soon…

Don’t want to waste a ton of time on a cover for a book I’ve not finished or have absolutely no clue which way I’m going to go with the plot, yet.


They are free to use: screenshot the pics and crop, OR message me, and I’ll send you a direct copy of the file in question, if necesaary.

These are NOT meant to take the place of a high quality cover, AND are free to use as backgrounds by “real covermakers”, if they find anything they want in there.


I’m still on the fence about joining the Wacky writing site. I’ve known about it for a few days but am still not certain what to feel about it.


They have an option to label books excerpts, and you could use that to put a few chapters up, with instructions to where to go for the full version. You don’t have to go all in.

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I will stick to Inkitt and Wattpad for now. I don’t want to stretch myself too thin.


I created an account there, but I don’t plan to post anything since I only upload to Amazon these days. I do plan to read and review other people’s books when I get a chance, though. So far I’ve just been dumping books on one big shelf, but eventually I hope to separate that one into several different bookshelves by genre or something. ( ^◡^)っ✂

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We still have a few beta bugs to work out and obviously it’s brand new, so I imagine everyone is kinda just feeling the site out right now lol.


I found out on Wackiversary Day. I wanted to join right away, but I’m pretty busy uploading chapters to Wattpad at the moment, also trying to get something for the Wattys. Maybe after I calm down there I’ll check it out a bit more.

Another reason I’m not joining right away is because of previous experience. Quite a while back I joined a Figment user-made writing website (called ImagineInk) and it didn’t really take off for multiple reasons (such as probably mods and admins realizing the amount of maintenance and attention it takes to keep it running), kind of going to watch this one a bit I think.

I don’t want to doubt a writing website, but previous experiences with user-made ones or quickly-made ones or ones that are fresh and new made me weary :sweat_smile: I don’t doubt Wacky Mods and Admins though. Pretty sure they’ll do a good job. I’m just going to watch and listen and, also, focus on the Wattys at the moment. Trying not to get into an editing rut.


I didn’t realize this existed! Where’s the link? XD

Drop the forum dot on the browser address

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Ty <3

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Is it still in beta? First I heard of it. Yeah, there are tons of user story sharing sites out there, so what might set Wacky Writers apart is whether it can be more of a support framework to compliment the forum. Similar to Writing-dot-com.

Awesome initiative. Hope it develops well. I’ll give it a chance.

Do I have to create an account? or can I carry this one over to it? I’ll check and find out.

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It got out of beta a while ago - on the day of the forum’s birth. Wacky is awesome so far, and I love it. You don’t need to create a separate account, you can log in using the forum.


Cool. Yeah, I managed to navigate my way around it. Pretty cool far.