So, tell me, what's the last thing you did before coming here again?

Have my daily laugh at the snow cams only to see it is actually snowing on some areas of the resort finally :joy:

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Eat breakfast.

Get mad at my shitty phone!

Make character cards and decide I need a conspiracy board to put them all :joy:

Write more questions for Alagossia’s magic system that I should stop and start answering, because it is going to keep growing and growing if I don’t making it harder for me to tackle it and become overwhelming to me in the end.

So, I am stopping for now, and tackling the long list of the plenty of questions. And yet it feels like I’m forgetting some things too.

LOL! :sweat_smile:

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I invented a new character. Jason from Wyoming.

@Akje @Qualeshia12 @NotARussianBot


Start on new meds that I have discovered the hard way taste like that cold and flu medicine we have for kids over here. That was a childhood memory I did NOT need unlocked :rofl:

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Eat something.