So, what did or will you do today?

Similar to the thread topic about what is on your mind, this one is strictly talking about what you are planning on doing today or what you’ve already did today.

You don’t have to go into full detail if somethings aren’t worth revealing and if it is something like that then you can hide it in spoilers.

Let’s keep this thread going and thriving for a good while.
I am curious about all of your responses.



Make a phone call to my insurance, in regards to finding a primary care doctor and set an appointment, make another phone call to ask questions for the DMV, get some writing sprints in, and go for a walk to get some fresh air later today.



Hello, you guys!
Got anything to add?!


I’ve been forcing a friend of mine to watch VLD with me-it’s a fascinaing show in hindsight, but for all the wrong reasons.


it’s 6am so i’m at work for another hour, and then i have to be back here at 4pm for a meeting, and then come back again at 11pm for my shift.

yay can’t wait.


We have officially entered hellspawn summer heat (which varies from year to year). Sometimes I dont hsve to see mid-90s until August. Other years, its this early.

But this means I need to change my habits because its too hot to be doing work mid-day, and I like slow mornings. Oy.


I gotta work and do graphic design stuff for the next nine hours :0
(We’re supposed to get some really bad storms today and we’re under tornado watch).

During that time, I’ll probably get my usual daily headache around 2pm that won’t go away. I’ll probably go straight to bed again after work (after replying to some peeps on the forums here).

Buuut if I’m still alive at the end of the day, I’ll make some tea and read some more of my book. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Go to the toilet to relieve myself for a good ten minutes, to ensure that all of my bodily waste is disposed of properly then drink some coffee. Then write something (Electric Tacos because I am on 15k, and I need another 5k to meet the Wattys Goal), and then play with Oscar. Eat something as well. Watch some YouTube videos, and probably go to my local Bible fellowship group. Then go home, watch some more videos and write until I fall back asleep.


Everyone is real busy today!
This is great to know!


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Emails, emails. Finish a report. Write up a grant application but maybe it can wait till tomorrow :grimacing:

Grab a physical copy of The Books of Jacob because reading the ebook is going to drive me insane. Hopefully find some supplementary reading at the library. Catch up with my sister, maybe get a cheeky pint and pizza for dinner.


Made some phone calls like I intended and setup an appointment for my upcoming doctor visit. Even got a phone call back in regards to if I should make an appointment with the DMV, but no, I can just go in there to get what I need then leave afterwards.

Cleanse myself to better start the new day.

Now, I am going to get some writing in with Abbie.
I am super excited! I am a productive girl today!



What have I done today?

Not much. xD

Let’s see…

  • I woke up at 8:50am to get ready for work since today I work from 10-7.
  • My library allows everyone to be somewhere for an hour at a time, rotating throughout the day. So far, I’ve been front, shelving, and now children’s. Being up front means that I’m at the circulation desk where I check books in and out, answer questions, etc. It was a pretty easy morning, though my only trouble thus far was that I had someone call who said they returned a book and I never found it. So… the mystery continues. I think it’s probably still at her house. When shelving, it’s self-explanatory. There was a lot of books, though. Covered most of our cart. Thankfully, most of it was new product and went to a single place. And then in children’s, this means I work the circulation desk in the children’s department. It’s usually slow unless otherwise randomly, but we’ve had a few people come in. My other issue down here was that a lady said she couldn’t find a book her daughter checked out and I couldn’t find it, so they ended up extending it so they could continue searching before they pay for it or whatever. I also just went to look for another book someone from upstairs said they returned but it was on their account. That book, I did find and got it checked in.
  • Oh, and I’m sick. I have a white dot at the back of my throat, so my throat is kind of swollen and I have a stuffy nose. I’ve been coughing and sneezing throughout the day.

What does the rest of my day look like?

  • After my shift down here ends in ten minutes, I’ll be back up front. Then I’ll head to lunch for an hour. When I get back at 3pm, I’m gonna be helping our programming supervisor with a tween craft where we’ll be making mosaic stars with CDs. Afterward, I’ll be working on any magazines that need to be processed—which I don’t think there is any for today, so I’ll probably just hang at my desk and work on July’s monthly display (which I’m choosing Camp NaNoWriMo), and then front again, and finally back-up which is basically where I sit at my desk until it gets busy.
  • Then I’ll head home at 7pm and and figure out dinner. Hoping someone else cooks, though, because I really don’t want to.
  • And then my oldest sister has her boyfriend over for the week who hasn’t seen many movies, so we’re sharing as many as possible with him. Tonight, we’ll be finishing up the Hunger Games series with the fourth movie.
  • Oh, and I never got my laundry done this past weekend, so I’ll probably start up a load or something when I get home, unless I’ll leave that for tomorrow due to my laziness and not feeling good.

Today’s the 3rd day of hospital pharmacy practice, so we did a few things.

  • Did a fair amount of packing and labeling meds for patients
  • Shadowed the pharmacist delivering meds on each floor (this is a smaller hospital, only 4 floors) and helped in handling chemotherapy drugs (this hospital specializes in oncology/cancer treatment)
  • Me and a classmate got assigned to research whether certain medications could be crushed and mixed into food or drink for a patient (answer: some can, some absolutely cannot)
  • Unit-dose repackaging, basically take out pills from their original bottle and put into packets like these:

  • And lastly, shadow the pharmacist & techs on other tasks they do (mainly interventions and taking in deliveries)

It was a pretty alright day, rn just been resting and going over our checklist of activities we’re to do this month


Took a walk, saw a lot of robins.


I sat in a car


Make a phone call, get some writing done, and take a walk and hope that rain doesn’t happen when I finally get outside.

That is all for today.

I did my walking, made an appointment with my nutritionist for the week after next which is on June 8, and the only thing to do next is some well needed writing sprints.


Did you go anywhere or no? :sweat_smile:

That’s good!
I did some walking today.