So, you're writing. Now you have a story. What's the goal?

We all write for different reasons. Makes us happy, a stress release, or we have noisy characters that want to get out of our imaginations, keeping us up all night.

But what’s the goal?

Let’s say you have a finished story. What are you going to do with it?

My goal for some of the stories is to get them published and hold a physical copy in my hands and to see people holding it in their hands. The others, well, like my dark historical fantasy (with gruesome scenes), I have no publishing plans. Idk if the world is ready for them either XD

What about you?


I write because I like exploring other worlds and getting to be other people and having different experiences.

Traditional Publication, mostly. Out of my two wips, one is being written with the intention to query, and the second is more of a passion project… actually, both are passion projects. The second one, the one on wattpad, is one I’ve been writing for such a long time, and I’m really determined to complete it and get the rewrite perfect. I’ve already completed it last year, but it was such a terrible, terrible draft, and I’m in the rewrite process.
The second came to birth because I wanted to write a story about gods and vessels, and I also wanted to write about a hurt, morally grey protagonist, and because I wanted to write about my own culture. This one fits the ownvoices bill, and it’s got diverse, and awesome characters, so I really want to complete it soon and query it.

Thanks for the question, though, it’s helped me fall in love with my projects again.


To get it all out of my system, and see where it goes from there. I don’t care about if it’s a bestseller, or it flops. It needs out of my mind, and out of sight and onto a page.


That’s my question. My first drafts/second drafts are all offline but a series of shorts.

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Some are for my Grandchildren, if I ever get them, the others are… Well, just to get them out of my head and to pen them down. Where they go from there is anyone’s guess… If I get recognition and they sell, so be it… But mostly they escape my mind for their own reasons really.



I just want to write and write, until one day I have a story that organically draws people. So I don’t have to do anything but post it, and people read and comment on it


I want to become a bestselling author and win at least one major literary award. I’m not picky about which one, but by strange coincidence the little box a Nobel medal comes in would just fit perfectly on my bookcase. (>‿◠):v:


I think I’ve said my goals in a lot of posts here, lol. So I’m happy to say it again to remind myself :joy:

Vision: Saturate my author brand name on Google with my works.

Goal: list 20+ finished works on my author profiles before I die.

How: self publish, story share, social media

I chose this vision and goal because I can achieve it. If I aim for readership I’d give up, since I have no control over this.

I measure success by ticking off a story list against a yearly quota. I estimate I can complete up to 2 x full novels per year with quality. Given circumstances.

I’m on 5 to date.


I’ve been working on this particular story for two years now, and I just want to finish it. That’s the only goal pretty much.


Aw, you’re welcome! I’m glad it did :blush:

I love stories with real culture in them! That’s the one you have on Wattpad? I’ll have to check it out.

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@J.L.O So, basically, you’re still considering what to do with them?

@SecretDurham Aw, sweet :blush:

oh, now, that would be nice. SO NICE! :pleading_face:

Haha, I like that ambition XD You never know what will happen, do you? :smirk:

I’ve started to follow this recently. I was going to wait for 1k reads on one of my books before posting another, but I really wanted to post the new book, so I decided not to wait :stuck_out_tongue: As you said, can’t control readership. Once I finish something, I’m going to post it.

Rootin’ for ya. Now that I’ve finished with a book club and probably won’t be participating in another for quite some time, I can read it again. I know you’ve been changing a lot of things, so I’ll have to read from the start :grin:



Ahh thank you for the interest! That’s not the one on Wattpad, I’m keeping it offline because I want to query with it, but I’ll let you know if I ever change my mind!

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Yeah. Working on the fragmented and new stuff first, since it needs WORK.

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For me, the goal is traditional publishing AND the sale of a screenplay. I started in screenwriting but eventually realized it would be easier to get a sale by writing a screenplay based on a book traditionally published by a major house. So I write bookclub fiction with the aim of selling to a major house. Then I’ll write the screenplay.


Well then, when you get it published, let me know :wink:

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Will do!

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I’m planning to self publish one day. I’m not looking to make my writing a job or make a million dollars on it or anything but I really want to hold and actual physical copy of my work one day. I want something that friends and family can add to their own bookshelves


The dream is to publish traditionally. The reality is probably self-publishing at some point. I used to dream that I’d sell enough books to pay for my kids’ college, but I don’t think that’s realistic. At this point, I’d be happy if someone else thought my work was worth money.


Same thoughts. I don’t have to become a millionaire with writing. It would be nice if some people could buy my book and enjoy it. Also, it would be nice to hold my book in my hands.