Something feels a bit weird...(relax it is writing related)

I got The Breakers Novel that I need to write far as the zero draft. I did a little something with Red Reign and this Project Meteorite. I wanted to read some webtoons, but my god, do I just want to write random stories and plot/plan more for The Breakers then start writing the zero draft. I am procrastinating in a sense, but still I just want to randomly write things for some reason today (or rather tonight). I need to get some sleep fairly soon (it is only 6:48pm, relax girlie!). Still, I just want to write nonstop random stuff just to write.

Sadly, I have to be somewhere in the morning. I don’t want this feeling to leave. I am liking this feeling of randomly writing and having YouTube or anime as background noise.

I am worried that I will go back to procrastinating and being lazy or rather letting the possible ADHD take over.

All I want to do is write and have fun not thinking too much.
What are your thoughts on this?

NOTE: I have a new blank document on my laptop that I am about to write a random story on. I don’t even know what this next story should be about. I am just in a mood and feeling good for the strangest reason.

I still want to read three webtoons, but my urge to write a random story is crawling at me.

What should this be about? Maybe I should write an oldie but somewhat goodie novel called Magecraft Mechanics. Does anyone remember this story? Well, do you?

TL;DR: I got this sudden jolt and urge to write and don’t want this feeling to leave me.

Lend me your thoughts!


It’s weird to me that other writers don’t get that feeling every day. Every morning I wake up with that desire to write. It’s something to look forward to every day, and a habit – I get out of bed, get dressed, have breakfast, then turn on the computer and start writing. Does that feeling not happen all the time for you? (♯^.^ღ)


It comes and goes. Some days are more of a struggle than others. I would love for this to be a daily thing, because I truly enjoy writing with all my heart. It is just a massive struggle most days and I hate it entirely.

My mental health plays a major role in this whole thing.
Sorry, I don’t want to get down, but I really don’t want this feeling to feel fleeting to me.


Sounds like a lot of us, at various times.


Are you feeling a bit burnt out? Perhaps planning out some breaks, taking some time for some personal care, engaging in other hobbies, etc. will help revitalize you and perhaps give you more inspiration! I often find taking a break, sometimes an hour, sometimes a day or two, to be the thing I need to recharge my battery and desire to write. Mental health is an issue for me, too. Be gentle with yourself, listen to your body, your instincts. I’m sure that you’ll gain the motivation you need again just maybe need to take it slower for a while. It’s ok, things don’t need to be done all in one go. All the love <3


Yes and no in a sense.

Yes, because I am unable to figure out what I want to do with The Breakers Novel.

No, because I am writing other things just nothing pertaining to The Breakers.

So, a bit of a yes and a no in a sense.


Yup, it is really upsetting at times.

Ugh. Much Frustration.


I awoke today with a firey motivation to write.


That is good to hear!
Keep that energy on high!


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Putting my dreams of becoming a published author in a blazing inferno and watching it burn into nothingness.

I don’t care anymore.

I taking back my writing life which means I am only writing to have fun and relax without any true purpose.

I miss the joys of writing.
I don’t want a dream and want to enjoy my years writing endless stories.

So, I am done with my dreams which has died ages ago.
Looking forward to the new writing year…Qualeshia.