Soup For The Writer's Soul

I once heard you see, while a few steps away from a fishermen, who sought fish at the sea.

I pondered upon why he kept his net still, though the waters had no ripples and remained still.

He turned to me with a smile and eyes that shone brightly. He gazed into my eyes and saw that I was weary.

For in truth, I was you see. I’d worked and worked. I’d searcher and searched. I did all I could to see my dreams through but none had worked out you see.

The fisherman turned to me and said all so plainly;

"When you have a bait worth biting into, the fish will come to you. "

So, dear friends of mine. Keep writing, keep painting, keep doing what you’re doing do those who know its worth will come trooping for it soon.

A word for your heart, from the new kid.

-Chiddy :heart:


How would you feel if God was a triangle?

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God is circle!

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Hey, Chiddy! Welcome to Wacky Writers :beautifulheart: Hope you’re having a good time with us :grin::grin:


If you want to write about deep ideas, you should watch Stalker(1979). It’s a slow and creepy film. Absolutely unforgettable.

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