Speaking of science-fiction with slight fantasy elements...

Choose wisely:

Option A: Llyria (my fictional planet) was originally called another name and that name was planet Earth. The human race that once existed on Earth died out for unknown reasons, and the race that currently exist on that planet are humanoid beings that are the descendants of an eldritch god who MIGHT be the real cause of why humanity no longer exist.

Option B: Humans never got to terraform the planet Mars to expand their growing population. Mars has become a new home to an alien race that is skilled at wielding super magical powers and are highly advanced at creating technology that surpasses what humans can only dream of doing.

Option C: Earth isn’t home to humanity because humans don’t even exist and never have. Earth is home to an entirely different race of beings that may look human but have a totally different biology. The home planet that humans actually live on is located in some other solar system.

Option D: Humans become slaves to an alien race of super tall humanoid beings that exist on both Mars and Venus. Planet Earth isn’t home to humanity or any other species. It is just a blue and green rock with population of zero. When humans traveled from their dying planet to reach Earth, they stumbled upon Mars and Venus only to get enslaved by the alien races that exist there. They never even gotten the chance to reach Earth…yet.

These are all science-fiction related. Which is really interesting to you, personally?


I like A, But D seems cool also, however (for option D) if Humanity managed to reach across the stars, they would have already outlined Earth as a defined target planet. Maybe they had a reason to land on Mars, maybe a pitstop for some unknown reason or other, and that is why they never reached Earth. Those that already dwelt on Mars may not be compatible with Earths atmosphere and bio-diversity…


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Thinking about it, option D might fall under some hard science-fiction or something along those lines. It is really nothing more but fun guesses for me.

Just think for a minute. If humanity lived in a totally different solar system on a planet similar to earth yet entirely different. However, what we consider to be humanity might differ depending on the universe and planet. I don’t want to get too into this topic, because I’m not knowledgeable enough, but exactly what makes a human being…well…a mere human?

So, yeah, maybe those “humans” did make a pitstop at Mars or before reaching Earth or something. Again, we’ll never know the reality of the truth unless it is written. :grin:

That’s all I got.

Naaaa! Not really, it is how you want to portray it. Is what Humanity is doing right now Hard Sci-Fi? I mean, with Kepler Telescope we have found new worlds similar to ours, the nearest is a planet called Corrot-2b. And it is a little larger that Earth, but is smack bang in the zone for life. Not too near nor too far from a sun of a similar size to ours. Okay, it’s some eight lightyears away, but still. Now when you think of that, it does not sound too Sci-fi-ish at all.

The fact that we care, and we wish to expand our knowledge, and out live out own futures within our offspring going forwards…

Maybe a failure of their craft, something unseen caused them to either crash or make a ditch attempt to salvage what they could before pressing on to Earth? Who knows?

We will if you write it, and only you can write your thoughts that you have for us to see it fully.

I feel that you may have something here, I honestly do… You have many great ideas, concepts for your fantasy world also… And I feel that you can, and will, at some point create some wonderful writing from it.


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Last one, generally speaking.

But anything with enslavement is difficult to address. For example: slavery really isn’t right, we all know that, but society doesn’t allow us to differentiate between manstealing (what happened in 1600s slavery), selling yourself to a master (often indentured servitude), making a slave your equal (buying a spouse or an heir), giving them rights (more early texts allow that slaves had more rights than what went on recently in history: yeah, often harsh, but no laws to protect them means it’s potentially all harsh)…

Really, it’s not allowed any positives in modern society, whatsoever–mostly because there was little mercy in the act in years closest to us, and we were taught to worship freedom, as a nation, without defining how much the state owns us, even in an inherently free system. For example, you don’t wholly own land if it’s taxed. If it’s taxed, you’re renting the land from your Lord, like a serf. It’s extremely leniently handled in the US (it’s not a high tax in most states, and the state has to go through hell to get your title taken from you over not paying taxes. Same concept with taxes out of your wage: if you pay 10% in taxes, then 10% of your work time is you being owned by your government. We accept the partial forms because they are extremely mild in comparison to total ownership, and we get some benefit from it: a lot of land taxes cover piping water to your house or maintaining roads.

And we act like we signed up for it. No, we’re born to a nation, and that’s the one we owe unless we escape to another nation: where we will owe a portion of our lives.

It’s always like this, we’re never wholly free to decide what symbiotic relationship we have with whomever is running the cesspool.

Now all that said, a wholly alien species probably would think of the level of enslavement humanity has towards them is the debt of friendship, sort of like how our nation tries to dictate to others what they can do to suck up to us or were going to start a 10-20 year war that accomplishes nothing.

Something like this is best handled (imo) as using any word but slavery or enslavement for whatever is going on until the resentment of the MC or those closest to them causes them to snap, and let them point blank label and describe the slavery they are under: then the controversy shifts from “did you paint slavery favorably?!” to “was this slavery?” You cover the same exact ground, but force people to look at it without their knee-jerk reactions to words, that way.

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