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I have favored a story on FictionPress that is still going on since 2008 to now. And it isn’t broken down into a series either. No, it is one massive story that is a little over 600 chapters long with different words counts for each chapter and the total word count is in the millions. However, I favored another story that is over 700 chapters long and probably with differing word counts in each chapter. Total word count in the story is in the millions too. The person of the 600 chapter story told me that they’re trying to reach to 1000 chapters. With the rate that person is going, I am not entirely sure how. Life and other things might prevent that from happening. The person who wrote the 700 chapter novel has finished and I have no clue if that person will write again.

Still, the person of the 600 chapter has a bunch of other stories that have yet to reach completion. I know that webnovels have a shit ton of chapter that reach in the thousands. Yet I can never get over the sheer determination of how they do it.

So, my question to you is would you ever consider writing a book with 600, 700, or even 1000 chapters and different word counts for each chapter?

Could you stick with such a long story?
Would you read a story for that long whether or not it is broken into series or something?

I admire the person’s will to continue writing what they love. Yet, I am curious how long that person can go for.

Even in the comic book and manga world, there are manga and comics that have been going on for year and are still ongoing. Like for manga: One Piece, Detective Conan, Hajime no Ippo, and few others. Far as comic books, I am sure there is plenty but I wouldn’t know since I don’t read comic books.

What are your thoughts?

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I can see myself writing a thousand chapters simply because I like short, snappy chapters, but I’d never write that many just for the sake of achieving a goal. The goal should be to keep the book interesting for as long as it lasts, however long that is.

Have you read every chapter of those books on FictionPress? And if so, do they hold your attention despite the length?

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Sometimes I do and sometimes I forget.

The 600 chapter one is pretty good, but I may go back to reading it one of these days soon.

However, the 700 chapter one, I shall see.

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Not me, no. But it’s common in Asian writing when on-line fiction word counts go into millions. I prefer stories that have beginning, middle and end.


Makes sense.

It requires some type of willpower.

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It’s not the matter of willpower, but a story structure. I like succinct books, about 100K theNot not the never ending yarns.