Strange Things You've Had to Research for Your Writing

Right, taking xanax for heroin would be like taking pepto bismal for claritin. they do similar things but not the same thing.

No, withdrawal starts when you don’t have enough heroin to meet your body’s standard for how much heroin it should have.

So if it’s used to having 1 and you drop to .8, withdrawal symptoms start and keep going until you hit 0.

Withdrawal stops once you no longer have any heroin in your system, a.k.a., you’re clean of it.

again, probably xanax. the acetominophen dose in T3 is a lot higher than the codeine and acetominophen is toxic to your liver at a relatively low dose. if a regular user tried to replace their heroin with T3s would probably put themselves in organ failure so I can’t imagine it being too popular on the streets.

methadone is free at methadone clinics as part of heroin withdrawal programs. it stops the withdrawal symptoms.


What?! The more you know! I didn’t know it was inside for digestion 0.0

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Hmm ok-

Ohhh ok! I see what you mean.

Ok but so then if Xanax wouldn’t be enough to fill a heroin withdrawal craving, then what would be the easiest drug to get off the street that would?

Interesting. So it wouldn’t work for my guy then since he’s not in one of those programs, he’s basically homeless (technically he’s been staying in a girl’s house w/out her knowing but-) and having to get heroin from wherever he can. I’ve been thinking he has an ongoing supplier, but Idk if it would be more interesting if he just has to get it when/where he can.
(Context- he just went thru a withdrawal and came back later that day after having gotten his supply from some mysterious source, but I still don’t evennknow who they are XD)

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heroin. or maybe fentanyl but that has a lot higher chance of just killing your character.

one of the reasons heroin is so popular is that it’s way cheaper and more available than prescription opioids.

Tramadol is also a cheap option.


So in other words, the best way for him to fulfill his heroin craving… would be for him to just get heroin then. Got it.

so it would be easier to get off the street then, right? Or would it make more sense for him to have a regular supplier? (though Ig it also depends on where he lives and how common heroin dealing is in that area)

Would he have to lie to get it at the pharmacy? Or would it just be easier altogether for him to get it off the street?

lol sorry I’m like badgering you now w/ all these questions-

Oh and thanks for the link too btw ^u^

Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Also am currently reading The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo for research purposes. It’s a really good book, and the ships are ADORABLE.

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Ooo now I need to go lookup what the first is

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You do.

you also need to ship Dante and VIrgil together when you’re done because there IS evidence :eyes:

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Oop, wait typed faster than my thoughts lol I meant the second. I’ve heard of the first but never read it… You’ve now spiked my interest more :eyes:.

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it’s a ship because:

  • they kiss
  • dante is always looking up to vigil
  • Virgil protects dante, forever and always

and other things but I can’t remember rn lol.

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the second one is also really good. it’s about a movie star who married 7 powerful men, now they’re all dead and she’s willing to confess her life story.

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Wait both sound awesome 0.0 glad it’s summer! I have free time!

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yes whoooo!!!

beware of Dante tho. that stuff can get CONFUSING. the whole thing is a narrative poem written in half-gibberish.

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I’ll keep that in mind!

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One random topic for a experimental chapter draft.

What is the minimum safe temperature for cold water immersion?
Between 10C and 15C apparently. 5C to 8C risks nerve damage…and an early grave for most…

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…are you writing a torture scene?

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Kind of.

First idea was for my character Hannah to create an endurance / torture test for Dov. He just has to sit in a ice bath for an hour, relaxing in his boxers in an crushed ice / freezer pack slurry kept at a modest 8C. Hannah wants to be certain that Dov is still worthy of esteemed title of Australian Commando* / demi-god of war, and that no matter where the girls (Krista and Freyja) are, or what kind of trouble they are in, Dov can rescue them. Oh, Freyja finds Dov chillin’ in the bath, and immediately jumps in determined to shield Dov from the cold. Yet another example of Freyja’s tendentious (near-suicidal) devotion.

*The Aussie Commandos are Hannah’s childhood heroes who rescued her family, and her closest friends, at a great cost.

There’s no where I can fit that scene, so I’m now plotting a different test / torture scene.

Krista’s father (Wolff), Hannah, and several other housemates (ex-SF mercenaries) abduct Dov, drag him down to a sound-proofed section of their villa’s underground garage, and experiment with some creative interrogation methods…Condensing a fortnight’s worth of interrogation (designed to break most Special Forces) into one six-hour session…Wolff is quite keen to know why his daughter as a fresh palm-sized scar on her right shoulder, and if his daughter’s secrets are safe with Dov.

To ensure their ‘guest’ is well hydrated, the mercenaries frequently dump buckets of water over the bare and bound Dov, alternating between 5C and 35C temperatures (variety is the spice of life). Even though Wolff and the mercs use voice-changers, Dov soon identifies who is questioning / saturating him and goes along with it anyway,* pretending he doesn’t know what’s happening until a furious Krista and Freyja end their charade.

*Dov also wants to determine the answer to Wolff’s second question.


On the subject of aquatic adventures, I also looked into the maximum safe depth for free-diving; swimming underwater without tanked oxygen. Untrained divers / average swimmers can handle up to six-meters depth, experienced divers can cope with twelve-meters, but depths beyond fifteen meters are not recommended. Water pressure and oxygen depletion become major issues. One cubic meter of water is one-tonne. Fifteen meters of depth means fifteen-tonnes of pressure. Sea water is probably heavier, with the added salt and minerals…and the tidal pressures…

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…this is so much info, but I read through it!

wow, you really are being into the nitty-gritty of it - impressive!

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