Struggling Writers’ Daily Den: rant, share, complain, ask, daily progress thing (Part 2)

I just realized that my fantasy story is essentially a fictionalized retelling of the real life story of Princes Harry and William. Except that in mine, their mother comes back from the dead in the end. Hmm… ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


There are only so many stories out there.


So true! And two brothers in conflict never gets tiresome, no matter how many books are written on it. ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


How the heck was this topic muted for me? Any wonder I didn’t get notifications for it?


Hey everyone! I’m back from a 4 month hiatus. What are some tips to get back into writing and the wattpad community after kind of going ghost for so long? I first joined wattpad right around the ONC hyped time lol I wasn’t able to put anything up for this year’s Wattys but I am starting a new(ish) book and even my writing is a bit rusty lol. I feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark trying to get back into a routine.


Hi there! Welcome back :blush:

tips for getting back into writing:
reread something you wrote from chapter 1
talk about the stories you were/are working on

visit me at this thread

So I can ask you about your story and we can ask each other and hopefully inspire each other :grin: I can ask you all kinds of questions that can get you back into your story :wink:

Getting back into the Wattpad community, you could start out by posting in your announcements, visiting Wattfriends profiles and messaging them, joining book clubs.


Just kinda thinking…

So, they’re not going to Lifelend, I decided.

Sorcerers should be hot on their tails. They could easily hop on their grigs and chase them. That won’t be good for Lifelend, so the gang make a detour.

So then a little loop around, they go to the Scorch or whatever I named that place. Sorcerers avoid flying through there because they don’t know it well. So, that’s good. Pinti and everyone end up staying a little while in the exact place that Scotch and friends would later end up.

They meet the other red head gang. So, Pinti has very positive impressions of the red head Humans because they were so helpful. They also devise a plan to help free the child Kattaluna that was taken.

Pinti wants to leave right away to find the moonstone, but everyone else wants a few days rest at least. She has to stay with them. She’s the leader. Or maybe not. Maybe they fight about that and cause problems for the Humans.


blehhhh this writing style is, garbasch. and i do not like this main character, she is too passive. boo, boooo what happened, im so bored u^u


Started Chapter 2 on the new wip, but barely any progress for Sapphire Wings

I feel stuck on how this next action scene should go… maybe playing some fitting music will inspire me


I fixed the naming issue of my species in another Elgana book.



No more Kathula. Only Kattaluna. No more Shaa. Only Ilvagi. No more mulatto. Only Hybrids. I did not realize, at the time, how offensive this word was and how I was using it in the wrong way anyway.

So, I was rereading a bit and didn’t realize how goofy and amateurish I had made my lizard wizard.

I’m so used to his wise old man era that this young era throws me off XD Who are you??? XD


i have start my latest chapter from scratch. i wroted 2k words, realized that it was like pulling teeth because i couldn’t write myself out of the plot hole i created so it just had to go. blegh!!


I don’t care what I write anymore as long as I write something.


thinking of changing a character’s name but i’m not sure to what. Suggestions?

The parameters:
it/its genderless
black, shapeless + ragged clothing
very sneaky/secretive/ghostly

the character who “names” them:
has a strong lisp (no names with s or z)
thinks its spooky af and is stalking them

previous names - looking for something with similar inhuman or inanimate-but-with-humanoid-features vibes:

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This is when compilations can help.


i was going to add a transition chapter to fill in some questions/suggestions but now that i’m looking at it, it might kill the pacing. might gut the previous chapter and redo it instead.


Close to finishing this chapter, and its looking like the next one is the finale :eyes: :sweat_drops:

Hopefully I can wrap up all the important things once the final fight concludes (must especially remember not to forget certain supporting characters–)


i ended up scrapping the chapter rewrite and starting over once more. i FINALLY got something i was happy with that i didn’t need to force. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Finished chapter 33, hoo boy!

Feels exciting that I’ll get to write the final chapter next :star_struck: goodness, three years and I’m finally at this point


A sentence in a chapter…

But after lunch when the Beagles—pardon, the Jasons—took their afternoon nap, Mallord went against his word.

In another chapter…

Since the day already slipped into night with Mallord, the story must go back in time a bit for Richard.

The omniscient narrator is also a character, which, by the end of the duology, would become clear who it is. Thoughts on a gimmick like this?

I try not to have the narrator interject too much like this. I do it in the beginning of most chapters and near the end of most.

I also do it sometimes when characters are up to no good.


It’s fine. It gives people a chance to try to guess who it is the whole way–minor mystery.

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