Struggling Writers’ Daily Den: rant, share, complain, ask, daily progress thing (Part 2)

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If you ever need to learn about occult stuff for your book, here it is.


Do we are writers get bitter when we don’t get to write a sentence or a paragraph for our stories that we really beat ourselves up over it? Why is that?

I get it. It is more than simply trying to get work done and over with. It is more like we our trying to see how far we go and keep the momentum going and the creative juices flowing.

When we don’t reach our word goal or whatever, as writer we can really beat ourselves down over it. Is there a clear reason for it?

Why we do this? Tell me, because I have moments where I am lazy and procrastinate a SHIT ton, but I still manage to plot/plan/write. It isn’t the best, but it is something.

What are your thoughts in all honesty?


No writing again. Still in a flunk, but trying to take the time to recover mojo.

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I’m thinking I should do this before I write my two stories.

Write every single thought/thing down that I would like to do/add to the stories, then from there I start the story itself and see where that takes me.

It’s better than nothing.

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You can skip this rant. I’m not expecting responses.


I’m starting to feel like other writers are against description—or detailed description. I don’t know. I describe one person or a room or something like that and suddenly the story becomes too slow, or there are too many adjectives squeezed in, or the paragraphs should be split, the last of which doesn’t make sense to me considering the context? Before you even say anything, no, I’m not one of those peeps who spend paragraphs describing a stack of pancakes or write pages of descriptions for a single room. I just happen to be rather descriptive sometimes. I’m a visual person. I like detailing things and I like reading detailed things.

But no, minimalistic description is the way to go and anything more than that is mundane or purple prose and therefore terrible. That was sarcasm if you couldn’t detect it. I get people who say they like my descriptions, and other people who aren’t thrilled by them to say it in the absolute nicest manner. It’s not just that that’s irking me, because my stories aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the way some of them said it too bothers me. As if I’m an inferior writer. I mean, maybe I am inferior. I’m no Wattpad Star, Wattpad Creator, or whatever title you have. None of my stories have broken 10K reads. None of my stories have been selected for the Paid Stories program. Sure, look down on me, the amateur. I understand. Just because I understand doesn’t mean I like it though. Of course I don’t.

I hope this doesn’t make me look like I’m not open to feedback, because I am. I have reached out to people about it before and have incorporated tips that other people have given me. If people point out minor things, I immediately fix them. I’m like that. But if someone gives me unwarranted feedback beyond typos and minor errors, and says them in a certain tone, that’s where I draw the line. You can give me feedback, but if that’s all you ever give me especially if I didn’t ask for it and stated that I was looking for casual, reactionary comments, and deliver it in a certain tone that reeks of dislike, then it’s not going to go over well with me at all. Even if I dislike a story, I don’t make it known through comments. If I give feedback, I try to be gentle with it. I don’t go around telling people that their prose is sterile or that they make even interesting bits sound mundane. That hurts. Even if it’s true, there are better ways to tell people that, maybe bring it to private messages. Not state that in comments for other readers to see.

Have people not been taught the critique sandwich? Positive, then feedback, then positive? I learned it in engineering class and some people should probably learn that too. I always make sure to leave positive comments in addition to feedback if I give the latter. If you’re not going to point out anything positive, then you’re going to make the writer feel like they’ve written nothing but problematic prose because you can’t even point out a single nice thing about it.

Also, just because you like and write minimalistic descriptions doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy the same, okay? There are critically acclaimed published books that have lots of descriptions in them, especially in fantasy—the genre I’m mainly focusing on as of now. I’m not even super descriptive. Just, leave us alone? And besides, there may be a reason why we’re describing certain things or people in detail.

One final thing before I end this rant: don’t think you can fool me with how many comments you leave. You know how many inline comments you should leave. You know how many sentences you should leave in an outline. You know you can do outlines for shorter chapters. I know whether you’re faking ten inlines by leaving nine inlines and doing a short outline at the end. You may be able to fool some people, but you cannot, and will not, ever fool me. When I return I’ll make sure to scrutinize your comments even more if that’s the kind of commenter you are. I know who cheeses commenting on chapters now and I have put all of your names in a list. I won’t forget. Ever.

At least I know what kind of comments people leave.


I know, it sucks. But the more comments you get, the more likely you get the ones you can use. Try Dreamland Rush or similar club. People for the most part don’t have time to pontificate there and you will get emotional response feedback.

Personally, I had been fighting adjectives, metaphorical writing and ‘inverted’ delivery, when things are explained too late, so a person has to go back and reread the paragraph.

But there is a difference between actual flaws and delivering cardboard pizza writing.


Anyway, I had a migraine that slowed me down, but was able to get another chapter down in Radish book, up to 44.6K total.




That drive is why I can’t ha g with noise sometimes. I want to concentrate on writing, not kids. And so, sometimes I have to give up.


Use dice to choose the story direction!

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Go for the one closest to completion.


Think of horrible ways to end the story you choose to plod through, just like you did for ONC.


Today isn’t going to be a writing day for me. I did some editing for Radish, loaded a chapter of both stories there, and will have to sit down and read a book to write a review.

Plus, this week’s reading starts to come in too, which always puts a bit of pressure on me.


I just came up with an even better idea for one of my stories. I shall be focusing on two novels and nothing more than that. I do have a personal deadline which is focusing on these two stories until I am fifty-nine years old. It sounds ridiculous, but I don’t care.


Ryker has to leave his current home because of the heavy racism and discrimination towards his kind. He goes to another nation which is far more accepting of his kind. Or so he thinks because when he gets there, he still needs to hide the fact that he is a weird mixture of robot and mage which is slightly uncommon but is strongly not accepted. So, he ends up in the middle of so much tension, lies, secrets, and possible warfare that is happening his new home. All he wants is to live peacefully after losing his family., Sadly, that isn’t the case anymore and he must fight to survive being in a new yet hostile environment that the thought would be welcoming but is more so not.

Ryker is in a jar unable to breathe and get out fast enough.
I need a title that will better fit this story. I could name it “Ryker”, but things like that have been done so many times.

What do you guys think?

That sounds like actual effort.

I don’t know which one that is. I have too many ideas/drafts.

That is a good idea, but then, I really can’t be bothered rewriting the whole damn thing for the second draft because Billy says X is off and Sammy won’t accept it because Y if I wanna publish it. I wanna self publish, but that takes too much work as well.