Sucked in by "The Last Unicorn"

I was looking through my computer files for something last night, when I found a PDF copy of “The Last Unicorn” novel amongst the results.

Now I’ve NEVER read the book, but I can say honestly that the animated movie was one of my all time favorites as a young adult.

So I gave it a go… and the next thing I knew husband was dragging me out of my reading (about 15 pages in) to go and eat dinner…

It’s good! I’m bummed I hadn’t tried to read it before now (much like I kicked myself for not reading Watership Down after loving the animated movie).

I will have to find a way to put it into my kindle reader so I can read it outside of my computer. It’s also giving me a nostalgia trip to go watch the movie again… :stuck_out_tongue:


Follow up… I was able to put the file on my Kindle but the print is so small I will never be able to easily read it!


Even when you enlarge the font on your kindle to maximum? That must be really tiny print! ʕʘ.ʘʔ

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Problem is its’ a flattened PDF so it doesn’t have the encoding in it to allow font resizing AND rescaling the wrap on the page.