Supernatural/ Mystery help

It’s been awhile since I last posted. So, hopefully I have this in the right place.

I’m trying… ‘keyword’ TRYING to start a supernatural/mystery thriller(or series) … but I keep getting stuck on a few parts - I’m hoping some of you can help with. (please & thank you to those who do)

The basic plot is about a blacklisted bounty hunter returning for a upcoming reunion(with a bunch of old classmates of his) but he made a lot of enemies throughout his career that he was hoping to fix & possibly clear his name & rekindle a old flame.

And this will be boyxboy themed. But what I need help on

-is what he(Mason) got blacklisted for/why he stayed away for so long
-I also was tempted into adding a crossroads demon into the mix somehow

Off Topic: Since, originally, I had the story be based on his flame (Vance Lockhart) and his older sister getting killed somehow in a different town who was hanging with the wrong crowd, and Vance investigates her death. (How him and Mason knew each other was… Mason was Vance’s bully in high school before getting suspended. )

I know it might be confusing lol but thanks again for those why try to attempt to read this


Okay here is my idea: Mason was working with Tony(feel free to change name lol) not only they were partners but they were lovers. In the mission something went wrong and Tony convinced Mason to take the blame after he took the blame Tony said that he will try to fix it but in the end he dissapeared and Mason hoping that one day Tony returns.

This the only idea I’ve tried come up.

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I do like the lovers idea, since I plan on having another frenemy of Mason’s(aka ‘Tony’ for now lol)

Since I was thinking ‘Tony’ was the reason for Vance’s late sister disappearance also, but there wasn’t proof to confront him about it.

Tony can be part of the other group who are responsible for kidnappings but Tony doesn’t necessarily do kidnappings Tony might be apart of Supernatural since it’s a Supernatural book.

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